Spark is a 4 week email support program where you get to pick my brain through emails and I help you find clarity with your branding, adjust your website strategy, or build your online presence to increase your business’ visibility.

Spark includes:

– 4 weeks of personalized email support with up to 3 emails per week (total of 12 emails)
– and access to any resources I can provide you (templates, checklists, ect)

Here is a little bit of how it works:

✨Each email I send is customized to you, I don’t send out blanket emails or plug and chug advice. I customize everything based on your needs and your goals for your business.
✨If I’ve got questions I’ll email you back to get further details, then I will put together the official paid email
✨I focus on step-by-step advice, strategies and implementation that will make a big difference for you business
✨With my responses you may get additional attachments, links and resources
✨Each email can cover a different topic or we can dive deeper into single topic over the course of several emails.

Total investment for one month? $197

Spark is for you if you
– have one or more business issues that you want support with
– want personalized 1:1 support without a huge price tag
– find it hard to schedule calls because you’re working at a 9 to 5 during the day and you’re biz hours are all over the place
– want to save all the information to review again later, get inspiration from, or review the insights

What's included with the

  • no calls to schedule
  • personalized consulting at an affordable rate
  • access to any resources I've created that can help you
  • strategies & actions for where you are in your business

Included in the Spark

  • 4 weeks of Email Support (up to 3 emails each week)
  • Personalized Responses from me within 24 - 48 hours

What will you get out of SPARK?

That’s completely up to you. What I can tell you is that this program is designed to help you with the parts of your online presence/branding/content/social media that YOU are stuck with. I’m here 100% to give you support and advice you need during our time together. But you have to make sure you are implementing the strategies, digging deep for answers, and asking the questions that you want to get help with…that is the work I can’t do for you. But I’m here to guide you through it!


If you are digging the email support but want a little extra TLC then consider adding a 30-minute strategy call to your package. 30-minute strategy calls are an investment of $50 for each call. Just let me know you are interested when we are preparing your package and I’ll get you set.

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