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Hi, I’m Michaela.

I am a passionate and experienced designer and developer focused on the user experience and accessibility of enterprise software. I’m obsessed with finding new ways to make complex information more accessible to everyone.





Golden Homes – Design Challenge


This challenge was a part of my Object-Oriented User Experience Certification. The challenge was to design a system that allows users to find available houses, meet current residents of the house, and then manage the services split between residents within the application.


Tasks: Layout | User Flow | User Research | UX Strategy

Accessibility Audit of Public Facing Application - Baker Hill Solutions LLC


For this project I performed a design audit and code audit. Once we identified the opportunities for improvement I performed the necessary code / design changes. I then worked with leadership to create an artifact we could include in our sales packet speaking directly to our accessibility processes and outcomes.


Tasks: Accessibility | UI Design | UX Strategy

INSafe Consultation UX Organization and Prototyping


Collaborated with the development team to create a mobile application for the Indiana Department of Labor Consultants to use in the field.


Tasks: Layout | Prototyping | UX Strategy | UI Design | User Research

Homepage Visual Refresh Travel Indiana


I worked with Travel Indiana to update their homepage so that it was responsive and prioritized the magazine content.


Tasks: Development | UI Design

IDHS Variance Object-oriented UX Research and Prototyping


Worked with the application team to document the user experience of the variance division of Indiana Department of Homeland Security.


Tasks: Layout | PrototypingUX Strategy

AutoOracle website and mobile application design.


Assisted the research team and development staff to bring a mobile experience to life helping collect vehicle information from users and provide answers to car related questions.


Tasks: Layout | PrototypingUX Strategy