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Hi, I’m Michaela.

I’m a designer and front-end developer. I help businesses navigate complexity and create solutions using the art and science of User Interface & User Experience design. I have 6 years of experience collaborating with the business’ teams to discover problems, identify solutions, balance stakeholder and user goals, create protoypes, and code the components.





Golden Homes – Design Challenge


This challenge was a part of my Object-Oriented User Experience Certification. The challenge was to design a system that allows users to find available houses, meet current residents of the house, and then manage the services split between residents within the application.


Tasks: Layout | User Flow | User Research | UX Strategy

Accessibility Audit of Public Facing Application - Baker Hill Solutions LLC


For this project I performed a design audit and code audit. Once we identified the opportunities for improvement I performed the necessary code / design changes. I then worked with leadership to create an artifact we could include in our sales packet speaking directly to our accessibility processes and outcomes.


Tasks: Accessibility | UI Design | UX Strategy

INSafe Consultation UX Organization and Prototyping


Collaborated with the development team to create a mobile application for the Indiana Department of Labor Consultants to use in the field.


Tasks: Layout | Prototyping | UX Strategy | UI Design | User Research

Homepage Visual Refresh Travel Indiana


I worked with Travel Indiana to update their homepage so that it was responsive and prioritized the magazine content.


Tasks: Development | UI Design

IDHS Variance Object-oriented UX Research and Prototyping


Worked with the application team to document the user experience of the variance division of Indiana Department of Homeland Security.


Tasks: Layout | PrototypingUX Strategy