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Post Launch Strategy


Launching your project is just the beginning of the journey, I’ve put together this article to help support you after we have launched the project.

  • Tell people about it! Be excited! Share the news! Tell people that your website is up. Post it on your facebook page, ask people to visit it, share it, email it out to people they know. It is totally ok to do that and it gets the ball rolling on visitors.
  • Review Your Analytics. Often I find that the mindset people have about their website is that they can put it up and people will just come without any more effort on their part. Unless you are Beyonce people do not just know what you are doing! You have to try things, new blog post topics, sharing on social media, etc. Once you’ve tried something then check out the analytics and see what is working and what isn’t. If something isn’t working make a change.
  • Write More Content Targeted to Your Audience
    • Pick a writing schedule and stick to it. Consistency helps build trust and having fresh content for your users to see will keep them coming back.
    • If you haven’t yet, spend some time creating a series of blog posts or social media updates that you can schedule out giving yourself some time to breathe and work on other things while keeping the content on your site and social feeds fresh & new.
  • Visit Your Site Regularly to check for
    • Typos
    • Broken Links
    • Functioning Properly & Looking good
      • This is important to consider because many different systems are working in concert behind the scenes for your website and things can break even if you or I did anything new to it. Servers update, WordPress updates, and plugin updates can all cause things to go wrong.
  • Make friends. Consider reaching out to your network for launch ambassadors, writing guest posts on blogs where your target audience hangs out, or creating a freebie to give out and share building awareness for your site.