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Be Seen Program

Doors are currently closed for this program.

Strategy + Purpose = Growth

Do you feel like you are putting yourself out there online but not being seen? Some days just getting seen is the most difficult thing about being an online solopreneur. Don’t keep wishing your business will get noticed. Start intentionally creating a strategy that builds your following, connects with your ideal clients, increases engagement and grows your visibility.

About me

I’m Michaela Hoffman.

Pronounced Michael – Ah. I’m a Brand Strategist, Web Developer, and visibility mentor for female soloprenuers who are ready to go from DIY to creative empire.I wear a lot of hats and am passionate about building a sustainable digital strategy that helps my clients stand out online as well as, attract and connect with their ideal clients.
I view digital strategy holistically and like to focus on how all the different parts online weave together to make your online presence grow.

I personally went from invisible online to collaborating with industry leaders, being sought out as the expert in my area, making sales and creating an impact with my business in less than 4 months. I struggled before this knowing what to put out, where to spend my time so it created the most impact for my business, and often felt like I was missing the “secret ingredient” to building a successful online business.I had goals but no idea how or if they were possible to attain for me. I remember feeling like it would take a miracle to actually make them happen.

Introducing my group program…

Be Seen: Digital Strategy to get Noticed

Build an online presence with purpose.

An 8-week group program for soloprenuers who want to stand out and get noticed online. Each week we will cover one topic about digital strategy. You will receive a 1-hour video training, one 30-minute Live Q&A in the private Facebook group, one workbook covering the weekly topic, support in the Facebook group throughout the program.

Be Seen: Digital Strategy to get Noticed is your chance to create an impact with your business and get noticed online.

How would it feel to

  • have your content strategy in place and know exactly what you are going to post
  • grow your business on auto pilot
  • have the confidence to share your knowledge
  • position yourself as the expert
  • know your goals and create a plan that will get you there
  • save time and do more of what you love
  • create content with ease
  • be everywhere at once with the minimum amount of work
  • no more guessing what you should share
  • build your value
  • gain followers & clients
  • build your marketing strategy with ease

Why work with me??

Not very long ago I was in the same place as you. I remember what it was like to sit on your computer every day hoping and wishing that an inquiry would come in or that I would finally get the “inspiration” to post in Facebook groups.

I was pouring in tons of energy creating content, working on my business, posting on social media and I had stopped gaining momentum.

I began to doubt my dreams, I was wondering if I was wasting time…and what was worse my husband started wondering if I was too. We would have conversations about all the energy I was putting in online only to have no one take me up on my FREE offers.
My list was stagnant
My posts had no engagement
My social media profiles had plateaued
NO one was booking anything with me

So I decided to put a stop to it. I quit..

  • going it alone
  • winging my content
  • wishing that people would inquire
  • hoping that I would finally know find my people

I chose to

  • invest in a group coaching program
  • bet a system in place that made content creation a breeze
  • step out of my comfort zone to connect with other solopreneurs online
  • take my business seriously and do what I needed to do to be a success

When I made that initial investment in the group coaching program I was afraid I’d not get a return on my investment. I didn’t know what to expect but I was determined to put in the time and energy for at least two months and see if the strategies she taught me worked for me.

What if I spent all this money and don’t hit my goals? What if I don’t make any money from this plan too? What if I don’t learn anything new? What if, what if what it?

Choosing to take action was the biggest catalyst for change in my business.

My ROI was bigger than I could have hoped. People started reaching out to me. People were engaging on my Facebook posts. Content creation now SAVED me time! People stopped asking…so what is it you do? I was asked to collaborate with industry leaders within a month of changing. I increased my list by 3024%. I met my launch goals on a new product BEFORE LAUNCHING!

What’s included in Be Seen: Digital Strategy to get Noticed?

You will learn


    •  organize and plan content with ease
    • leverage your branding to build recognition and trust with potential clients
    • create content targeted to your Ideal Client
    • get out of your comfort zone with confidence
    • showcase your expertise on social media & website
    • automate your workflow to save yourself time while staying visible and consistent
    • track your progress and know what is working and not working


  • A private Facebook group just for members of the program
  • Share your story, connect with other solopreneurs what GET what you are going through
  • Connect with others who genuinely believe in community and lifting each other up

“Her look was in depth, she had some really awesome suggestions on how to really make my website stand out a little more,
and she’s just plain ol‘ cool to chat with!”  – Brittany Petersheim
“If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to branding, social media strategy or how to stay organized and on top of it all, then Michaela is your girl. Social Media can be a daunting part of your business, Michaela can help you figure it all out.” Janneke Beuerlein 


Goal Setting & the foundation of strategy

get clear on what you want for your online business

define what success means to you

Set intentions for your business

get to know your mission inside and out

Mindset & Visibility and create an impact

stop letting fear hold you back with getting visible online

fear to confidence so you can step out of your comfort zone confidently get noticed online and attract your client

Get to know your brand inside and out

branding and how it relates to everything

uncover exactly who you are meant to serve and how you can create an impact

position yourself as an expert in your niche industry

authentically connect with your ideal clients

intentionally create a brand experience that sets you apart

form a visual identity that embodies your branding and purpose

Discovering Your Brand Voice

begin writing content that connects with you ideal client

Learn how to write directly to your ideal clients

get crystal clear on how to portray your story and brand through your website copy

Content Strategy

how to create content in a sustainable way to avoid burnout

build a content plan that allows you to plan out months of content in advance

how to write your blog posts for maximum impact

Visibility and you social media channels

repurpose and stretch your content to get visible online

Improve your perceived credibility on social media

increase your following and engagement

Workflow Systems

design your process to save you time

learn how to be everywhere online at once while living your life

create systems that work for you

Up-level your visibility

learn how to track your analytics and optimize your site

reflect on what is working and what isn’t to grow

You’ll also get trainings from these industry experts

Violeta Potter – Audience Research
Kayla Brissi – Creating An Engaging Facebook Group
Kari Morgan – Facebook Ad training




Be Seen: Digital Strategy to get Noticed

One payment of $697

Doors are currently closed for this program.



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