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What you need to know about fear and getting your business noticed

Written By: Michaela

What you need to know about fear and getting your business noticed

Getting your business noticed or getting visible online and in front of your audience is a long-term game. But you can’t even get started when you are letting fear hold you back from showing up consistently online and hitting publish on those posts. Not so very long ago I was struggling with fear when it came to getting my business noticed online.

I was afraid of negative feedback/comments, I was afraid no one would care, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle things if people did notice me. It was a lot of baggage to hold on to about publishing some posts online. I can’t tell you how many posts I wrote out on social media channels just to delete them before publishing because of these very reasons.

Here is what you need to know about fear and getting your business noticed in a crazy saturated online world.

Acknowledge why you feel fear

Do you not know where to get started? Are you afraid of receiving negative feedback or no feedback at all? We all feel that fear, I promise, everyone who has traveled this path before you has had these same thoughts run through their head. And to be completely honest it happens even when you’ve had success at getting noticed online, every time I get ready to launch a new offer I begin to feel some fear. So ask yourself why you feel this way? What do you think is going to happen? I just worked through this exercise last week.

Here is what I did to start moving forward

✨ I had to figure out why I’m afraid of putting my business out there
✨ Why I was holding myself back from sharing myself and my business in the online space.
✨ What I was really afraid of and why
✨ Why I was holding on to self-limiting beliefs

Do it anyway

Are you making decisions for your online business out of fear? Are you worried about failing or succeeding? You control your fear, not the other way around. I promise it does get easier, the fear lessens and you start to really let your light shine online. You have a unique voice and story and the world needs to see that. So make the decision today to start taking steps to move beyond your fear.

How can you do that?
✨ Start journaling
✨ Reach out to a mindset coach to get help
✨ Feel the fear but do it anyway

Take baby steps

There are a lot of strategies to get visible online and a lot of places to share your story. It can be SO INCREDIBLY OVERWHELMING when you are having trouble just getting the courage to push send on your posts. Start small and build on your successes until you’ve pushed past your comfort zone. Then do it again, and see yourself grow! That’s how our comfort zones get bigger. One thing that helped me with my comfort zone issues is focusing on making my comfort zone bigger rather than focusing on the size of everything outside of my comfort zone.

See how you can stretch yourself this week.
Ask yourself how you can grow your comfort zone just a little bit this week
Look at why you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone, address that concern first

Let Negativity roll off you

Fear holds us back in so many different areas of our lives. I am truly envious of the people that seem to be able to move forward laughing fear in the face. But the secret is that these people feel the fear and do it anyway. They acknowledge it but don’t let it hold them back.
Being able to do this for yourself is so important to your visibility strategy. You have to feel the fear of people disagreeing or even being downright nasty and post your content anyway. If you do get a negative comment or two you gotta do your best to let it roll off you.

Work on getting your mindset back to a positive place. Journal about your successes, write out your fears and then write out what makes you awesome and unique. Focus on you and what makes you great and ignore the haters out there.

Focus on the benefit of getting noticed

When I started getting visible and feeling that fear that comes along with it (trust me we have ALL been there) I decided to focus on what getting visible would do for me personally and for my business.

Getting visible would mean I would be able to create a bigger impact for women who run online businesses, I would be able to create more freedom for me and my husband, I would be able to fully enjoy going out for a nice dinner and not worry about how it will impact our finances for the upcoming month.

So when you start to feel that fear and your inner voice starts to tell you things like no will care if you post, people have already said what you wanted to say so why bother, people aren’t going to respond, etc.

Is fear holding you back from getting noticed online? I’d love to know what you are doing to combat that fear! Leave a comment below!



What you need to know about fear and getting your business noticed

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