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How to use your website to boost visibility online

Written By: Michaela

How to use your website to boost visibility for your online business. |

Are you frustrated with putting out content and being on social media all the time without getting results? Hearing crickets? Feeling like you are wasting your precious soloprenuer time running around all these online places when you could be working on your mountain of a to-do list?

Boosting your online business’ visibility can be a daunting task especially if you feel like you have not been gaining any momentum online. But it doesn’t have to be all that complicated or take you hours a week to boost your visibility. Start with using your website to boost visibility for your online business. Here are some easy ways to use your website with your visibility strategy

Keep your website content fresh

Write blog posts to update the content on your site. You don’t have to write a post every day, or 3 days a week. You can write on a schedule that feels right to you. Just be consistent. I publish a new post once a week and while I would like to write more I just don’t have the time right now to do so. But every. single. Tuesday morning I have a new post to share across my social media channels, pull ideas from and create additional content.

Whatever schedule you choose, stick to it. Showing up when you say you will online will help build the know like and trust factor with your audience. Your readers will also know when to expect new content from you and your website will look active.

Clear Copywriting

Your messaging should be clear. If your messaging isn’t you will confuse potential clients and they will click away. Lead on your website and social media platform with your benefit to your ideal clients. Use these tips to improve your visibility online with your copy

– Write your copy so that it clearly outlines the benefit you provide
– Make sure your website has a strong clear Call-to-Action
– Get rid of the clutter in your sidebar, footer and header. Make sure that it is easy for people to find and connect with you.

Be yourself

Your audience and ideal clients will connect with you and your personality not a serialized professional version of your business. Being yourself and infusing your personality into your website will draw in your ideal clients and keep them coming back for more.

Being yourself on your website is super important for helping people connect with you.
-Embrace what makes you unique
-Share Value
-Showcase your expertise

Speak Directly to Your Ideal Clients

Write the content on your site in terms of your client’s hopes and dreams, highlighting the problem that you can solve for them. What are their biggest struggles? What are their hopes? Dreams? Write in the language that your ideal clients use, calling yourself something that your clients don’t expect will cause your visibility to suffer.

Write Captivating Strong Headlines

Strong headlines for your blog posts are super important when it comes to not only drawing your readers in and getting them to continue reading the post but also for SEO. Captivating headlines do the following

– Create curiosity
– Highlight the benefit your reader will get
– Create urgency
– Focus on one idea
– Include power & emotionally charged words

Using these guidelines sit down and write, write, write your headline in different ways editing out the unnecessary and switching out weaker words for stronger ones.  Then use a headline analyzer tool, like CoSchedule’s Analyzer, to evaluate & refine the headlines.

Don’t let your fear stop you

It can be really uncomfortable to put yourself out there for the world to see. I know I struggled with it personally for a long time. I was afraid that people wouldn’t like what I had to say or wouldn’t care. I was afraid people would notice and I wouldn’t know how to handle it. I let my fear of being visible stop me from telling people about my business or promoting myself. Tell people about your website, share it, put yourself out there.

Your website is a great place to start boosting your visibility online. It is up 24/4 and you have complete control over the copy and how you use it. Make sure that you are using it to stand out online and boosting your visibility.

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