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Boost Your Productivity with Goal Setting

Written By: Michaela

Boost Your Productivity With Goal Setting |

It’s goal setting time of the year guys! Have you started thinking about 2017?? Have you started thinking about what you want your life to look like by this time next year? I love setting goals and figuring out what I can do to make those things happen. I love being productive and getting things accomplished!

A lot of people wait till January to start planning for the year but I like to get a start on it a little bit earlier. It helps me have a great plan in place & the ability to hit the ground running once the new year is here.

So how can you boost your productivity with goal setting for 2017? Follow these 5 steps to get started!

Get clear about your goals.

Write Your goals down. Like really write them down and write why you want the goal. You are a busy soloprenuer and while you may think you will remember all the goals you want to reach writing them down will keep you from forgetting.

Ask yourself if your goal is in alignment with your brand? Does it really make you light up and get excited?  What does accomplishing this goal do for you? What will be different about your business/life/relationships when you accomplish the goal?

Knowing exactly why your goals are important to you will help you commit to making them happen.

Don’t forget to write goals for the nonbusiness areas of your life. You are trying to build this business that gives you a life you love, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to start living!

Establish a timeline for your goals.

Setting a timeline for your goals will help you in two ways. One it will give you a deadline to work towards. Setting goals without a timeline is a wish. Putting a date on your goal is a commitment that you make to yourself accountable to getting it done.

And two setting a timeline will help you schedule the tasks and stop procrastinating on your goals.

Get clear on the tasks

Get clear on what exactly is needed to reach your goals. Break your goals down into specific actionable steps and divide those steps up in the timeline you set.

These tasks will help you chip away at the big goals you have set. You can break them down as far as you need. Maybe you’re trying to set up a newsletter. You’ve got to design the emails, write the content, set up an opt-in to collect emails, etc.

You can now take all those tasks and break them down into even smaller tasks for your to-do list. Like writing the content breaks down to outlining the content, writing the content, proofing, adding a call to action, creating the graphics for that particular newsletter.

Prioritize the steps

Look at each step on your list and mark the higher priority items, include items that have to happen before others on your list.

Use this information to schedule out your tasks according to your timeline. Making sure that you are working toward your goals the whole time. Prioritizing will help you focus on what is important to accomplishing your goal.

Check in and evaluate regularly

Goals are not a set it and forget it deal. You’ve got to check in regularly and evaluate if it is still in alignment with your brand, your dreams, and that you are excited about it!

This will help you figure out how to get past tasks you are stuck on, stay motivated and continually work toward your goals.

Are you excited about your goals for the new year? If you have any questions about goal setting & productivity leave them below!

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