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Getting Visible on Social Media for your Business

Written By: Michaela

Get Your Business Visible on Social Media |

Struggling with showing up on social media for your business? Hearing crickets? Not being seen. Here are 5 tips to get visible on social media for your online business.

Show up as you that human element

Consistently posting on social media is only half of the visibility equation. You also have to show up as yourself infusing your brand into your posts. The voice, tone and personality you put into your comments & graphics that you choose will help you stand out from the crowd and attract those ideal clients to your channels.

  • How would you describe the vibe of your personality? Sassy/Spunky/Laid back/etc?
  • What kind of words, phrases or sayings do you use over and over again when having a conversation?
  • Phrases like Heck Yeah! Totally, dude! rad, wut up? Using these in your social media posts will help people connect to your personality.
  • Think about the words that your clients use, and phrases that they would connect with.

Repurpose Your Content

Want to start a content repurposing plan for your business? Here are some ways to get started.

  • Plan your content each week around one topic.
  • Write a blog post on that topic
  • Pull out the main ideas and rewrite for each social media platforms unique style

It may feel like you are bombarding your followers with the same information but they won’t always see every post, tweet, and update you create. And if they do they won’t mind because they love your work.

Provide Valuable Content

Getting eyes on your content can be a struggle sometimes, especially when you feel stretched thin and are tempted to post in groups or on social media channels just to post.

Focus on providing value in your posts. They will be more engaging for the people reading the posts and will keep them from getting lost in the scroll.

  • Write tips that are directed to your ideal clients
  • Ask yourself before you post what problems are you providing solutions for
  • Then ask are these problems in line with your mission

When you provide value everyone benefits!

Use your Ideal Client research to find hashtags

You aren’t alone many people don’t even know where to begin with, hashtags for their online business. They are really vital for getting visible online and in front of your ideal clients.

Speaking of ideal clients you can use them to help guide your hashtag efforts. Look over your work on discovering your ideal client and write down words that relate to that client.

  • What their hobbies are
  • What type of business they run
  • What they do in their free time
  • Look at where they shop for inspiration

Engage with others

The little bit of love you share with people can get you noticed and sometimes they might even share your content with their followers.

Spend a little time each day engaging with your ideal clients, your current followers, and people in your niche. I’m a believer in what goes around comes around, it might take a little bit of time but people will notice that you are giving them a little social media love and will engage back.

  • Set a specific amount of time that you will engage & set a time focus on that one task during that time.
  • Put it on your calendar to remind you if you loose track of time and forget
  • Don’t leave just emojis or one word comments like nice. Find one thing in the caption or image and reference that as a starting point then leave your compliment.

What areas do you struggle with getting visible on social media for your creative business? Let me know below!


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