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My Revelation about the Power of Mindset

Written By: Michaela

The Power of Mindset |

Until I started my business I didn’t do much thinking about mindset. I really just focused on educating myself but I didn’t do much in the way of evaluating and adjusting mentally. And now that I think back on it I realize this approach is much like just slinging spaghetti at a wall without waiting to see if it sticks.

For example, I graduated with a degree in psychology. And for the last 6 years, I thought it was a setback to my success. I couldn’t see how on earth it could work for me and my business. The only thing I could see was how it helped me learn to market better or design with users in mind. I never thought that it could help me with my business’ mission…to help women entrepreneurs build businesses they were proud of and be successful in those businesses.

This was a problem with my mindset. I could hear myself say things like I got a degree in psychology but I didn’t want to do anything with it so I changed my career path. Then I started noticing how I was helping counsel people with business issues and how I guide my clients to be set up for success. I was using skills I learned in my counseling courses to help get deep answers from clients and help focus them towards their goals.

This shift in my mindset has been a powerful change in my business. I incorporate more of the knowledge I gained while obtaining my degree into helping my clients and guide them in a direction that is going to be beneficial to them and their businesses.

I didn’t even realize my mindset was keeping me stuck. But now that I’ve broken through I can’t believe how long I was willing to let myself be stuck.

With most things, change can’t happen unless you work on it. So let’s take action and start getting you unstuck.

Start by writing down the 5 things you desire for your business in the next 90 days! Dig deep and write out your big dreams for the next 90 days!

Now write down actionable steps to accomplish these desires in the next 90 days. Look at your list every morning and repeat these 5 things every day. Visualize and enjoy the process!


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