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6 Favorite Chrome Extensions for Creative Entreprenuers

Written By: Michaela

6 Favorite Chrome Extensions for Creative Entreprenuers |

Today I’m sharing with you a peek behind the scenes into my browser window. I love finding out what tools people use to help run their business and I’m so excited to share the tools I use to help me online. These are my favorite Chrome extensions for Creative entrepreneurs. These extensions are specific to Chrome while I test web designs in all browsers I am a tried and true Chrome user. Many of the extensions I use run in the background so I don’t need to visually see them on my toolbar which also helps me keep my browser clean and organized. But these 6 extensions are my favorite and I literally use them all the time!

Shareaholic for Pinterest

I love sharing stuff to Pinterest and as a busy business owner, I need things that speed up my social media not slow it down. This little button in my chrome allows me to quickly pin things I find around the internet and choose the image associated with it easily.

Hootsuite Hootlet

Another extension that allows me to easily share from around the internet to my different social media channels. It also allows me to schedule my articles out so that I don’t flood my feed when I finally do get to sit around catching up on my reading.

Save to Pocket

Sometimes I find articles…and recipes 🙂 that I just want to save and not necessarily need to share and the Save to Pocket extension makes it easy. It even pulls an image from the page so I can visually reference what I saved.


As a business owner, one of the most embarrassing things is sending an email or publishing a blog post with a typo in it. This little plugin runs in the background and checks everything you type to make sure you aren’t making any embarrassing mistakes in your emails, blog posts or other correspondence online.

What the font?

Ever wonder what that font is someone is using on their website? This plugin quickly lets you know it is great for someone who works with design and would like to see how other people are combining fonts.

colorPicker 0.9

Similar to the font extension this one allows you to take a dropper inside the browser to figure out the hex code for a color you find online. This is great for expanding color pallets and figuring out exactly what that color you love is without all the rial and error.


What are your favorite Chrome extensions?

6 Favorite Chrome Extensions for Creative Entreprenuers |

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