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5 Ways Your Visibility Strategy Prevents Hearing Crickets Online

What to do if you are hearing crickets on your posts?

Written By: Michaela

What to do if you are hearing crickets on your posts?

If you are like many other new or even not so new online entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their business you’ve probably put out social media posts, recorded videos, sent out newsletters, posted about your free opt-in in Facebook groups and heard…..

Yup crickets. First of all, it’s totally normal, a lot of people will be what I like to call lurkers. People that watch your stuff but don’t engage. And this has NOTHING to do with you. It has everything to do with them. More than likely they aren’t feeling confident themselves and are held back with self-doubt.

Maybe you are even one of them. I know I was.

Does this sound familiar?

You see a post on social media that resonates with you and you type out a response in the comments. Right before you hit post your finger or mouse hovering over that button. Fear creeps in and you are like wait what am I talking about who am I to say this? ”

You delete your comment and keep scrolling?

In complete transparency that was me. I felt a whole bunch of fear. And most of that was fear around “what if people actually notice me”?? Crazy right.

Anyway, the goal with our social media is to help give these lurkers the confidence to take action. And your visibility strategy is the place to start when it comes to creating content that hears more than crickets.

Sound good? Then read on!

Have a plan

Engaging in conversations? Are you waiting to join the conversation? Maybe you are just watching and trying to figure out how to get noticed?

So you want to get your business out there, you want people to notice you online and come to you for your products or services. But what you are putting out there isn’t getting any traction. You aren’t seeing the client’s flock to you like everyone promises when you start an online business.

I’m going to ask you one question, what’s your visibility plan?

And it needs to not just be in your head. You need to have your plan written out in detail and outlined on your calendar. I plan for a quarter at a time. That way during the quarter I can experiment with different strategies and adjust the next quarter without feeling locked into a plan for 6 or 12 months.

Are you going to…
✨go to live events
✨submit for guest posts
✨pitch podcast interviews
✨plan a collaboration
✨build relationships
✨and finally what is your plan for sharing your content?

Match your plan to your strengths

There are so many options for your visibility strategy, are you using one that plays to your strengths or are you just doing it because everyone else says you have to?

Visibility strategies…. newsletters, blogging, Facebook groups, Twitter, audio, podcasts, networking events, workshops, email, video, Instagram, Snapchat, website, relationship building…….

There are a ton of different strategies that you can use in your visibility plan. Here is the most important thing you can do for your plan… choose only the strategies that light you up and make the most sense for you. If you hate writing, putting all your eggs in your “blogging basket” is just going to drag you down but if you love getting on video then do more video blog posts, Live stream on social media, or start a youtube channel.

There is no right or wrong strategy just lots of options and in the beginning, make sure you are testing out all the different options to see where your strengths lie and where you really love showing up for your business. Your strategy is going to work so much better for you if you LOVE how you are showing up so make sure you listen to what you like and don’t like and make adjustments along the way!

Make it you

Go further than just knowing your ideal client

Getting to know your ideal client is great, it’s the perfect starting point for many different parts of your business. But if you fill it out and then stick it in your desk drawer never to look at it again is it really helping you? I’m even guilty of finishing the exercise and then moving on before I’ve really processed what I’ve done. How can you take it further to help you plan your visibility strategy?

✨ Don’t make assumptions about what your ideal clients want to hear from you, get out there and ask them what they want.
✨ Figure out where they love hanging out online and include that in your strategy
✨ Ask questions that reveal how your ideal clients like to engage with your content

When you’ve figured out where your clients are, what they want to hear from you, and how they like to consume your content you’ve created a system that will authentically connect with your clients even in a crowded online market place.

After you’ve identified who your ideal client is on paper get out there and actually get to know them!

Collaborate/build relationships

Have you reached Oprah status with your visibility? Probably not… here is what you can do to boost your visibility while you are working toward Oprah status.

Collaborate with others online and build meaningful relationships. It is one of the best strategies because you aren’t getting the word out alone. Collaborations have been my favorite and most successful strategy for getting my business visible online. And the best part is I’ve gotten to grow some seriously awesome biz friendships from the collaborations as well!

✨ Start looking for collaboration opportunities with people you look up to
✨ Create your own collaboration project
✨ Build relationships with other online business owners that you want to collaborate with in the future put it out there that you are looking to partner up on collaborations with people

Take consistent action

Why a “one and done” approach is killing your visibility strategy

It’s not enough to post once on social media or share your blog post one time when you’ve first published it. I wish it was. But the one and done approach is killing your strategy. You’ve got to take consistent action every day for your visibility strategy to be active. (PS this doesn’t mean you can’t schedule the action).

Even though it feels like you are a broken record when you post about your blog post for the 3rd time in 3 weeks you really aren’t. Your followers and visitors may not see the first two or three times you post it. They could be busy with their own stuff, looking for something specific and then scroll right on by your post, or they might just miss your post in one spot but catch it in another. There are a million reasons.

Don’t feel bad when you’ve posted the same freebie for the third day in a row, or you’ve shared your recent blog post yet again. Share that sucker! Get it out there so people have the opportunity to see it!

Now it’s your turn!

What is your biggest struggle with getting people to engage with your content online? Let me know in the comments!

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What to do if you are hearing crickets on your posts?
What to do if you are hearing crickets on your posts?

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