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What You’ve Heard about Online Visibility Is a Lie

Visibility, grow your business, market your business, get noticed online, tips, visible, be seen

Written By: Michaela

Visibility, grow your business, market your business, get noticed online, tips, visible, be seen

It seems like everyone in the online world is talking about VISIBILITY and you are just kind of sick of it right? But visibility is kind of a big deal when it comes to growing your business. No one will hire you for your services or buy your products if they don’t know your business exists. I know because I’ve had countless conversations with people who said…”I just hired someone for that, I didn’t know you did it or I would have talked to you.”

My business was invisible and basically dead. I was getting projects but it was always at the last minute and I felt like because I didn’t have a bunch of people waiting to work with me I needed to take every project that came my way. And this is not how I wanted to build a business. I wanted to be booked out for crying out loud…I wanted to know that I had clients who were excited and ready to work with me next month and the month after. That was it I had to get visible even if it was scary.

As with most things the internet is FULL of information on visibility and some of it will have you running around exhausted and overwhelmed. When I wanted to get visible I knew I needed a plan that would work for me and keep me from being “on” all the time. Anyway, let’s dive into the 5 myths about visibility that I’ve got for you today!

Myth #1: Be on all the platforms

I know it’s really hard to choose, and there are a lot of people out there saying you’ve got to be on everything. But by spreading yourself thin to be on all the platforms you are diluting yourself and your message. It’s true.

Rocking the heck out of one social media platform is going to be way more valuable to your visibility plan than posting with sub-par content everywhere. If you want to have an active presence on different platforms but not be there many of the social media tools and schedulers allow you to automatically push your content to those channels.

So pick one platform that you LOVE and optimize your content for that platform. Also, spend time engaging and building relationships on that platform. Really leverage your time there and make it work for you. Before long you won’t even think about needing to post on all the other platforms you’ll be nurturing the community you’re building there.

Myth #2: Post all the time

I’ve heard it and I’m sure you have too. The recommendations that you post every 3 hours or every two hours on your social media accounts. Or that you have to post to your blog 5 days a week with long form content. If you don’t know what means you aren’t alone, I didn’t know what it was till a few months ago. Long form content is content that is over 1,000 words.

Intimidating right? How the heck are you supposed to do it all? Post in all these places and even have time writing 5,000 words for your blog each week?? Do you even have that many words in you?? <- I’ve had that thought myself. How will you have time left over for client work?

This was NOT an idea I could get behind when I first started developing a visibility strategy. I wanted something that would make an impact in my visibility but not impact my day. By posting consistent rich content this is possible. I’d love to post to my blog more than once a week but if I were to do that one or both of the posts would be fluff content and I’m not about that life either.

I’m here to support you and provide rich valuable content not just to post to post.

Myth #3: You always need to be selling

Funny story… I’ve sold more programs and projects from my non-promotional posts than my “promo” posts…in fact, I’ve only gotten one client from a promo post. I know a lot of people feel they need to be constantly pushing their services and products to be able to make a sale. But this isn’t what I’ve found that works… especially if you feel weird about sales. Feeling this way and believing you need to always be selling will most likely keep you from posting at all.

You can create content that supports your goals of selling. Like writing blog post topics about related topics for a service you want to pitch. Or creating content that shows off your expertise in a Facebook group. But it doesn’t always have to start with or end with BUY FROM ME! It can be much more subtle than that. Focus on connecting your solutions with your dream client’s pain points when creating your content.

Myth #4: You have to spend a lot of time

This is kind of a two-parter. One it would take a long time to see results. And two that I had to spend a lot of time creating content and engaging to see results. I’m here to tell you that if you are intentional with your posting, engaging and content things can happen rather quickly.

From my own experience within 2 weeks of being visible in Facebook groups, I had a high-value collaboration invitation in my inbox. I was getting people to engage with my posts in the groups consistently and I was getting people reaching out to me asking me for more information about the topic I discussed or to tell me that they really needed to hear what I had to say.

With the right strategy and consistency in your visibility plan, you can get visible quickly. It doesn’t have to be 90 days of you posting in 10 Facebook groups waiting for people to comment. There are better strategies that can create more impact for you. Start with deciding what your goals for posting are and work your plan backward.

Myth #5: You have to have a large following to be noticed

A large following is a vanity number. You don’t have to have thousands of people on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to see results from your strategy. In fact, the number doesn’t matter at all its the quality of the followers you have. You can book out a service, hit your sales goals for passive income, and create real connections with just a few people if they are your dream clients and your creating content that resonates with them.

Quality gets you noticed. Posting gets you noticed. And having a clear brand message gets you noticed…by the right people. And that is the key. As long as the right people notice you it doesn’t matter if you only have 100 people total following you. They are your people and potential clients.

So start by making your content dream client – centric and connecting what you do with their struggles. This is far more valuable for you and your potential clients than having a 10k following. And I admit it, it would be nice to have a huge following but unless they are quality followers and your dream clients they won’t help your business grow. So focus on what’s important for growing your visibility and less on hitting a number.

Now it’s your turn!

Which myth surprised you on this list? Let me know in the comments!


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