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3 Key Elements to A Blog

Written By: Michaela

3 Key Elements of a Blog | michaelahoffman.comDo you have a blog or are you wanting to start one? There are so many different pieces to blogging that you might not know where to begin. Gone are the days of getting online and posting whatever came to your mind that day. You gotta have a solid strategy in place for your blog. Many readers have so much information coming their way that they don’t have time for poorly written confusing blogs.

Here are 3 key elements your blog should have…

A Content Plan

Having a theme and plan for your blog will help you build an audience, they will know what to expect from you and you will know what to write about. You won’t have any of those days where you don’t know what to post because you have your plan. Start by theming your days around a specific topic. Like having Monday posts on cocktails, Tuesdays posts on appetizers, Wednesday posts on dessert, etc. Having this in place will help you create content ahead of time and stay consistent on posting. Never again will you feel the panic about what to write on the night before you want to hit publish.


Writing good content and having good visuals is king. If your posts are riddled with typos and misspelled words it makes it hard for your audience to follow along. An occasional typo will happen it’s life let it go and get back to writing. Spending the time to proof-read and create beautiful imagery for your blog will help you stand out in an overcrowded online market. Your visuals will also help you stand out and build recognition. Create a template for your graphics to stay consistent and save time.


Providing value is the last key element and this will look different for every type of blog out there. Asking yourself this question before you post will help you grow “Does my post provide value to my readers?” Always asking how you will help your readers and provide value for them is essential to creating quality content.

I hope this helps clear things up about what parts of blogging are essential when you are getting started. If you have more questions I’d love to answer them. Put them below in the comments.

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