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The Incredibly Useful Productivity Tip You Can’t Pass Up!

Written By: Michaela

Productivity Tip

Hey, friends! Have I got an awesome  incredibly useful productivity tip to share with you today! I don’t know about you but I’m constantly trying to improve my productivity and find better ways to work. I want to make sure that I’ve used my time as efficiently as possible and this tip has really changed my productivity level from day one. Not to mention my stress level also has gone down. I call that a win-win!

Close the email browser tab. I know it’s crazy scary to walk away from it, you are probably thinking “I’m going to miss something important”. But trust me if something is an emergency your client/customer/friend will NOT be emailing you to deal with the problem. They will most likely call you.

When I started my business I was leaving the email tabs open in my browser. I would constantly flip over to it anytime I noticed the number changed. Most of the time it wasn’t anything important but I would waste my time and lose focus of the task I was trying to accomplish just to check and see.

Also, if I did get a client email I felt compelled to deal with whatever it was and respond immediately, that’s what clients  like right? Well, that thinking made my life incredibly stressful because I’d be working on one client project with its deadline approaching. I’d check my email and there would be some simple request like can we switch out this graphic for that one, or I want to update this to have this copy instead. Then I’d stop working on the project with the deadline to full fill this request. Changing focus wasting time and degrading my productivity. Let’s not even talk about when your client emails you back right away and you have a whole series of fast fire emails draining your time away.

Try this instead. Open your email in the morning and deal with anything that you need to right when you start work. Then close the tab. If you need to open it at lunch time that’s cool. It doesn’t work for me to do that so I open it one more time before I end my work day. And deal with anything I need to then.

This really allows me to focus on the task I’m currently doing. It also allows me to serve my current client’s project to the best of my ability. Because I’m not constantly switching. It also reduces my stress level because I’m not worried about a client email derailing my day. I can then plan when to focus on that project and give it 100% of my attention.

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