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What’s the deal with ideal clients and why is it important?

Written By: Michaela

What's The Deal With Ideal Clients?

Hey, friends! I absolutely love helping my clients figure out who their ideal clients are. Not only does it help niche down their business it is a process of discovery about my client as well. At the beginning of our branding project, we start out with a conversation about ideal clients because they often come to me and say they want to help everyone. Helping everyone is a noble cause I also would love to help everyone.

But I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “You aren’t going to please everyone and not everyone will like you”… it’s the same principle with your business. Working with clients who aren’t your ideal will at best an ok experience and at worst uncomfortable and unenjoyable. I’m guessing you didn’t start your business so it would be unenjoyable… yeah me either.

Being really clear on who you like to work with and who you want to serve will bring those ideal clients your way and discourage clients who aren’t to look elsewhere.

It is a scary thing to admit that you want to discourage clients to work with you. But that is exactly what you need to do! I have an example of why you want to attract your ideal clients and repel the less than ideal ones.

The  other day Gunnar and I were working in a bookstore and out of the corner of my eye I caught this calendar with a cow on it. So I took a second look… the cow was doing yoga and as you can imagine it wasn’t excelling at it.

cow yoga calendar

It was funny but ultimately off-putting to me personally. I already feel awkward getting into some of those yoga positions during my practice and I do not want to have 12 months of awkward cow yoga poses staring at me.

Out there in the world is someone who would look at that and find it funny and would absolutely love to have it on their wall. Otherwise, why would it even exist, right?

I’m not that calendar’s ideal client but there are people who would pick it up and buy it immediately because it resonated with them. That’s what you are trying to do with finding your ideal client, resonate with them. If that calendar was trying to be everything or everyone it would be a hot mess and not appeal to anyone!

If you need help with finding your ideal client and tailoring your branding to them schedule a chat with me today!

What's The Deal With Ideal Clients?

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