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Prioritize Your Day Mini-Course: It’s Launch Day!!!

Written By: Michaela

Prioritize Your Day Mini-Course

I’m so excited a few short months ago I was dreaming up the idea for a worksheet about helping other creative entrepreneurs prioritizing their work to take control of their business and feel confident in the life they were creating.

The idea then turned into a mini-course which I’m offering for free to help you learn how to prioritize the time you have for your business.

I heard myself and my creative entrepreneur friends struggle with getting the things done for their business all while dealing with the other demands of life (running errands, taking care of families, and taking care of ourselves). So I started looking at how I could help.

So without further ado, it’s launch day for my first mini-course! You will learn how to organize your tasks by priority,
maximize your work day to get the greatest number of tasks accomplished, keep communications from getting lost in the shuffle, plan your social media content!

There is also a worksheet to help you work through your why and guide your priorities PLUS a bonus worksheet to help you use everything you learn during the course! It is a self-study course that you will have lifetime access to.

Learn More Now!

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