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My Approach to SEO

Written By: Michaela

Approach SEO

If you have started any SEO research on your own. I am sure you feel a little bit like you are falling down the rabbit hole. There is so much information and figuring out which is going to help you and what it means and what you need for your website is overwhelming at best! SEO and Search Engine Optimization is a large ongoing part of running a website. And often search engines change the rules on us. It can be incredibly difficult to know where to start.

SEO Plan

I set up my clients with a good foundation to move forward with the maintenance of SEO after the project wraps up. Starting with a good foundation will help not only help keep you organized while maintaining the work we do while setting up your site but will help guide you through the process. As well as, make the entire thing less overwhelming.

Before I had over the website I’ll set up each page with a custom title tag, meta description, and images with alt tags and a description. Having an image with an appropriate alt tag and description is very important when it comes to pinning on Pinterest.

Maintaining Your Site

I help walk my clients through the plan I have set up and how to use the SEO plugin so that as more content is added to the site you can stay on top of your SEO game.

We will discuss what type of information would be best to include in titles and walk you through how to implement this as you go forward. We work together to make any adjustments to the plan so that you get exactly what feels comfortable and works for you and your business.

In the past, when making an SEO plan we were told to focus on adding a keyword to a specific area of our sites. However, those rules have changed and now search engines are trying for a more organic approach and asking us to put our keywords in our content. Which is why blog posts are so important to an SEO strategy. Having the keywords you want to target in your content will continually benefit your SEO efforts.


Approach SEO

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