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My 10 Fool Proof Ways to get Your Creative Mojo Back

Written By: Michaela

10 Fool Proof Ways to Get Your Creative Mojo Back |

As a creative entrepreneur we dream of spending our days creating, creatively experimenting, and making creative messes. That is not the reality though we often have to spend a great deal of our time supporting our own business, taking care of emails, and book keeping.

These other tasks can make being your own boss even harder since you don’t get to spend all your time doing your thing. Even knowing how many other things went into running a business I still sometimes struggle with the little creative time I get. As with many things we experience moments of creative inspiration and times when we can’t seem to get a drop of creativity. And during these times where we lack creativity self-doubt can creep in.

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Here are some things I do to get the creativity flowing again and to remove self-doubt from my business because it truly has no place in my business and life.

It’s time to Get Your Mojo Back!

Finding ways to get your creative mojo back for yourself is a huge part of a creative entrepreneurs self-care. Here are 10 ways I get my creative spark back when I’ve lost it

1. Go for a walk. Getting a change of scenery is a great way to get out of a rut. Sometimes just breaking up your day and giving yourself some time to soak in the world around is incredibly beneficial.

2. Window shop. I love window shopping, a quick jaunt through Target or a bookstore is incredibly inspiring to me. I like drawing from the colors, patterns and book covers I see.

3. Do a just for you project. It often seems like projects and work goes in cycles. I personally have seasons of web design and development with very little time to illustrate or create print pieces and then it will switch to something else like writing blog content for clients with very very little time designing anything. During these times I like to give myself some time to work on a project that feeds my creativity.

4. Treat yourself to a little something. Usually, this is something that just makes my day. It doesn’t have to be crazy or expensive. I sometimes like to get an iced tea in the afternoon or some ice cream. Maybe a book that I’ve been wanting to read or even just permission to put down my phone for the afternoon.

5. Start a new course. Taking time to learn something new. There are a lot of great online places to learn check out Skillshare, Creative Live, & even searching Pinterest will turn up some great options.

6. Read a book. Walking away from all technology can bring me back to balance. I feel most drained on days that I get sucked into the rabbit hole that is my Facebook news feed. So if I need some creative juice I step away and pull out a book.

7. Put down the screen. I’ve mentioned this one as parts of other things I do but sometimes I just NEED to walk away from the screens. I need to let the ideas in my head come to the surface naturally. So some days I will get out my notebooks and pens or paint and canvas and just work on something completely separate from my social media accounts.

8. Brain storm or brain dump. Sometimes I feel like I just need to get it all out of my head before I can get going again. Often this is because I’m overwhelmed by the ideas in my head so I try to spend 5 – 10 minutes getting it all out of there so I can focus. I write down anything and everything not just things that are related to work and my business but things I’m worried about, things I have coming up, people I miss.

9. Write In my gratitude journal. I find that taking some time to reflect what I’m grateful for can be very healing in general but it also helps get me out of the negativity that ruins my creative mojo.

10. Spread some happiness. Just making someone else’s day can bring me back to my creative mojo. Send out some snail mail or surprising someone with a cup of coffee, phone call or quick message.

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Creativity is not something that you ever run out of but it is something that needs to be recharged every once in a while. You need to listen to your body and mind and make adjustments as you go to remain on the top of your game. Self-care and doing your best to make healthy choices make our lives better in general but being aware of this will help you get your creative mojo back.

10 Fool Proof Ways to Get Your Creative Mojo Back |

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