Free Brand Checkup Kit Workbook


Many times we need to check in on our health we should have a checkup every year to make sure things are going the way we expect them to and that we can catch problems while they are small to make adjustments rather than large overhauls.

You should also be doing a Checkup with your brand yearly. Is it still representing you and your business? How is my brand different than my logo? Wait? What? You can brand social media profiles??? Yes and you should. If this sounds like you or new questions pop into your mind then it is time to do a checkup!

I’ve put together a great workbook full that helps lead you through this process and evaluate where you might have gaps or need some help to get your brand ship shape! Get it as part of my free resource library!

If you are ready for some more intensive brand assistance schedule a FREE 30-minute Brand Consultation today! Use my online call scheduler to get started!

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