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Better Student Housing Branding & Web Design

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Written By: Michaela

BSHMockupGuys! I just finished up the website for this project and I’m so excited! It’s for a Student Housing Rental business in Muncie, Indiana (where I attended school) that is shaking things up in the housing community. They are working with local businesses to offer discounts and amenities to their tenants even though they don’t have typical apartment community amenities.

We had several things to consider during the initial planning process like making it so that available properties were highlighted to get it rented quicker, filtering the properties to different pages so that all the 1 bedroom apartments were together on the same page and so on. It was also important that the site look up to date and really make it stand out against some of the larger property management websites.

To help it stand out we chose a nice clean full-width design that heavily relies on the images from the properties as well as pictures around Ball State Unversity’s campus. I created this website in WordPress so that the client can easily update it or add in property listings. It is also fully responsive.




The branding for this project was also fun to work on. I wanted to highlight the fact that these rentals are homes so I started with sketching up logos with houses as imagery. The House in some cases looked a little bland so I added in a key to give it some visual interest, other than windows and doors. The key gives it great visual interest that scales well without losing the detail of the key inside the building.


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