How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog Without Being Spammy

How We Increased Traffic In Only 2 WeeksIt’s simple mathematics that to get more clients you need more people to be aware of your products and services. And a big part of many visibility strategies is your blog. Do you want to get as many eyes on your content as you can so how do you even begin driving traffic to your blog?

I used to think I was doing everything I could to get people to come to my blog. I was posting and sharing on social media and I had everything linked together BUT nothing was happening. I even did all the SEO stuff with Yoast and still nothing.

Then in November last year, I was asked to be a part of a giveaway which drove my traffic to 1,500 in December. And 1,100 in January… then things started to decline. I had this HUGE momentum built up but I was quickly losing it. It was time to take my website traffic seriously because it is a huge part of my funnel.

Here are 5 strategies that have helped me consistently increase my page views and get new eyes on my stuff.

Blog consistently

You probably knew this was coming so I thought I’d get it out of the way first. Blogging consistently, whether it is a few times a week or a few times a month, is so important to getting more eyes on your content. Why? Because you have fresh content to promote.

If you have 1 or two posts or post really infrequently your promotion strategy can start to feel a bit state. However, when you are creating new content to pull from you have fresh content to promote all the time and can rotate through your promotion strategy.

It also helps beef up your SEO to blog consistently. You are giving the algorithms more search term keywords that way.

Create a distribution plan for your blog posts

This is a big strategy for driving traffic. Know how you are going to promote your posts ahead of time. Making those decisions and keeping a checklist or running list of where you share your new blog posts and old blog posts will help keep you on top of it and less likely to forget one platform or another.

Having your distribution plan for your post will also help you save time by keeping you on track with sharing your content. You can quickly see where and when you need to schedule posts rather than trying to rack your brain every time you sit down.

Two main questions I ask myself for my plan are as follows:

  1. Where do I want to post new blog posts?
  2. How many times do I want to share my new blog post over a 30 day period?

Then I repeat these questions for older posts because recycling your content SAVES YOU TIME!

SEO & Pinterest

Set yourself up with a strong SEO & Pinterest. If you’ve got a WordPress website Yoast SEO is the way to go. I love it and would be lost without it.

And because Pinterest is a search engine, just a visual one, your SEO optimizations that you do for sites like Google and Yahoo will also help your Pinterest game. Make sure you have done your keyword research and don’t be afraid to get specific since search results are highly competitive.

Do what you have to do to set up your website and images to be SEO ready and then Pin your content to Pinterest. Don’t forget to add in the alt tag on your images when you upload them because this is what will be “pulled” when someone clicks the Pin it button on your site. They may change the description when they go to post it but more than likely they will leave it as is.

And don’t forget about Pinterest Group Boards for helping get your content in front of more people. If you have a small following on Pinterest this strategy is excellent for getting more eyes on your pins.

Collaborate with others

Collaborations have been HUGE for my traffic, see the story at the top of this post if you skipped over it! I also feel like collaborations not only help me grow my traffic but they also help me grow personally. So they are totally worth it.

Start by reaching out to bloggers to be a guest blogger for their site. And if you want to accept guest posts for your own blog do that as well. When you start networking and working with others you will be amazed at how quickly your efforts start to pay off and the friendships that come along with these collaborations are priceless.

When you look for collaborations or decide to create your own look for others who serve a similar audience in your industry and make sure that when you invite people to collaborate that it not only benefits you but benefits them as well. We are all busy and don’t have time to take on collaborations that aren’t going to provide us a mutual benefit so just be aware when you start to pitch someone.

Promote your blog posts in group Promo threads

The last strategy I have for growing your traffic is by posting your blog posts as a “promotion” in Facebook groups that have promo threads. This is where they have a specific post in the group that you comment on with your promotion.

I’m not really sure, because I haven’t done much market research on this yet, but it seems like promo threads don’t work for most people with their paid content. People want to get to know you a little bit before they are ready to buy. Which leaves you with a perfect opportunity for sharing a blog post in these threads. I’ve had great success driving traffic to my blog and then converting these readers to my email list which helps me nurture them as potential clients better than just asking for a sale in a thread.

Now it’s your turn!

Let me know in the comments which one of these strategies you are ready to try for your own blog? Or do you have a favorite traffic driving strategy let me know!

How We Increased Traffic In Only 2 Weeks
How We Increased Traffic In Only 2 Weeks

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What You Should Know About Content Marketing

Your content is one of the most powerful tools in your tool belt for sales in your online business. It allows you to take a step back from promoting yourself through traditional advertising. All because you are showing up online with great valuable content in a way that connects with your audience on a deeper level.

Content marketing according to the dictionary is “a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.” These pieces of content help propel your business forward organically.

Let me put it this way. Content marketing is creating content with a particular goal or outcome in mind. You can create content till the cows come home but it doesn’t really take on that marketing component until you are creating it with a goal that is trackable in mind. I feel like I need to say this here, creating something just to create it like a blog just for fun is a goal but how do you track that fun factor. This is more like creating a blog post to drive new visitors to your website and convert them to your email list.

But exactly how does creating a video, writing a post or putting up a social media update really help you market your business?

Improves experience and builds relationships

Using your content as a marketing tool provides value to the people viewing your website, social media posts, your videos, newsletters, etc. helps you build a relationship with people you meet online. When you’ve built your marketing strategy around your content you are giving people a peek into what it is like to work with you. You are also showcasing your expertise around the particular topic. And building trust even before you ever get into a conversation with them.

People like to get to know you before they make a commitment to working with you. And by having content in place that markets you and provides value for them you really begin to stand out online.

Establish your credibility

Anyone online can say whatever they want.

They can get away with saying they can guarantee crazy results without actually being able to. Using your content as a pillar of your marketing strategy separates you from those that try and pull the wool over their customer’s or client’s eyes by making outlandish statements. As you show off your expertise through your content marketing you establish credibility with viewers online that you do in fact know about the stuff you put out there.

They can see that you have more than a surface knowledge of the concepts and that boosts your credibility.

People buy from people that they know, like and trust. It’s a fact. And when your content helps establish your credibility selling your products and services becomes way easier.

Content marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing

Traditional marketing which I’m referring to here as purchasing advertisements is way more expensive than content marketing. This isn’t to say that traditional marketing isn’t a valid growth strategy because it totally is, I’m just saying that if you don’t have the budget to do traditional marketing then content marketing is a great way to start.

Plus it gives you a LOT of content to have in place when your traditional marketing effort starts bringing in leads. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen an ad and thought oh cool I wonder what else they have to say or just that I want more information about their approach to their business. Only to find out that they don’t have meat behind their ad. They have the hook but they don’t have the content in place that markets their skills and knowledge and I end up feeling let down.

You can make an impact even if your small

One if the most beautiful parts of having a content marketing plan for your business is that you can make an impact even if you are a one woman shop and you have a small following.

How? You might ask… by creating content that connects your skills/knowledge/talents with their problems.

You can yell at the top of a mountain till you a blue in the face that you are a health coach but unless you’re connecting what you do as a health coach to what they see as their problem you won’t build any traction.

However, even with a small following your content marketing will attract the people with the problems you solve and connect your products or services with the solution to those problems.

You can create less content with higher quality

Another favorite part of my content marketing strategy is that I create less content overall but it is a much higher quality that keeps people coming back, engaging and sharing my content online without me having to create even more content.

With your goal in mind, you can create content that then is perfect for repurposing and still supporting your marketing goals. This content that is rich in value will go a lot further in the online world than fluff content which people can easily overlook or view as spam.

Now it’s your turn

Do you have questions about content marketing for your business? Ask me in the comments and I’ll see how I can help!

What you need to know about content marketing for your online business
What you need to know about content marketing for your online business

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Warning! Are you sabotaging your business’ visibility?

You know this well. You’ve come across another blog post telling you exactly what you need to do to attract more clients online. And surprise surprise it isn’t something you are doing so you feel compelled to add another piece to your visibility strategy. Crossing your fingers to hopefully get seen by your Adding more to your visibility strategy isn’t always the answer for getting more visible. In fact, I firmly believe that to start building momentum online you only need 1 open platform.

I know this may go against a lot of what you’ve read elsewhere from other experts but it needs to be talked about. Many times you can create a bigger impact with your strategy if you remove pieces of your current strategy. Let’s talk about why that is the case.


You already have a lot on your plate and what you’ve committed to doing for your business is still hard to get done. You feel like you are always behind the 8 ball on everything.

Having a perfect visibility strategy for your business means that you are getting more visible and you aren’t overwhelmed spending all day on social media for your business. It’s time to reevaluate your entire visibility strategy if you notice that you are overwhelmed by your current process. It should be a process that works for you, not against you.

There is such a thing as TOO much content. It can be too much for you to keep up with consistently creating and it can bee too much for your followers to consume. Overwhelming them rather than inspiring them to run with your valuable content or contact you to work together.

Quality is meh…

You aren’t happy with the quality you are currently putting out. Because you feel like you need to post different and fresh content on 5+ platforms each day… maybe even multiple times a day. You are creating content for the sake of creating content.

When you’re not creating content with the goal to attract your dream clients but just to have a new post on your different platforms your quality can suffer. People notice and you aren’t providing valuable content your dream clients will end up going elsewhere to get the information.

By cutting down on how much content you are trying to create you can up your quality and value so that you can attract and keep your readers coming back for more. There are strategies for creating quality content that keep you posting consistently online and attracting your dream clients without having sacrifice quality.

You dread spending the time creating content

Creating content for your business takes so long that you dread having to spend the time creating it.  When you aren’t enjoying the process of creating content for your business the energy and passion that you have for your business don’t come across. The result is that when you don’t feel it your readers don’t feel it either. And you miss out on connecting with them.

Your visibility plan should be something that is feasible for you to accomplish otherwise it isn’t working effectively for you. If you are trying to create too much content for your business it’s time to ditch something or start repurposing your content instead of creating something completely different for each platform.

Building momentum is being difficult

It is much harder to build momentum on 5 platforms is harder than focusing on one. Not only does it take more time to try and build your visibility up on several platforms at once your results are affected as well. Look at it this way (this isn’t scientific but purely illustrative). Say you have 100 units of visibility effort available on a given day.

And you’re trying to gain momentum:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • your Blog
  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter

You are only able to spend roughly 16.6 of those units on each of the platforms.

Just looking at that number is incredibly discouraging. Your efforts are effectively nullified by the fact that units are being spread too thin. When you spend 50 units each on 2 platforms you’re able to create quality content AND build relationships. That’s where the magic happens when you start building momentum. Your visibility efforts skyrocket. It becomes easier to gain traction on other platforms when you focus on one or two first.

Your visibility plan isn’t supporting your overall business goals

This might be the biggest indicator of all. When your visibility plan isn’t directly supporting your goals even in a small way then it’s time to evaluate. Using your visibility goals as a guide for your visibility strategy will help make sure your time is spent on activities that are moving you forward.

And this may be a little feather ruffler too but your follower numbers on social media are just vanity numbers. Unless you are building relationships with these followers you’ll never sell your products or services to them. So focusing your visibility plan to only grow your following without leading them closer to you is wasted effort. You need to create a plan that supports your goals and keeps you building momentum.

Now it’s your turn!

Did any of these resonate with you? Do you have questions about how to focus down to increase your visibility? Let me know in the comments!

5 Clear Signs You Shouldn't Add to Your Visibility Strategy
5 Clear Signs You Shouldn't Add to Your Visibility Strategy


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How to Create Awesome Content in Less Time

Content Creation Basics for your online business. The entire process of creating content for your business from planning to posting!Have you taken some time to think about all that goes into creating a single piece of content? Like really thought about it? I hadn’t until recently I just moved from one stage to the next without thinking too much about it.

But it’s quite a bit of time AND each part takes a different amount of time and energy to complete.


The planning phase of content creation can either be really quick or it can be a painful process depending upon how you currently plan out your content. I spend less than an hour mapping out the content for the next 3 months. That probably sounds like a dream if it takes you one hour to even know one topic you’re going to post about. But it is possible when you write from your zone of genius and you have a plan for rotating through your topics.

Having your plan in place makes everything else that comes with content creation really smooth. You will waste less time during the writing phase when you don’t have to figure out what it is you are going to be writing/talking about.

How can you save time during the planning phase?

Keep a running list of post ideas so that you can quickly pull ideas to your calendar

Plan one theme for each week pulling from you broad zone of genius topics.

Then fill in the content topic from your post idea list that is related to that theme for the week.

The first time you do this it may take a little bit of time but once you get the hang of it, you can totally get this part of the content creation process done in less than an hour for each quarter.


The actual writing phase, or the phase that takes the most time no matter what you do. But when you are armed with your plan you know exactly what you need to write about and take the guesswork out of the process.

The writing phase may take a little bit more time if you have to research the topic you are covering. And how long it takes you to write in general. But one thing you can do to save time during this phase is to just write without self-censoring. Or editing….

I know it will be hard to do because I struggle with it too but it really will help you get faster at the writing process. Sit down and just write on your topic whatever comes to mind. If you get stuck or want to shift gears DON’T hit the backspace. Hit enter and pick up writing on your topic again. You’ll edit and organize in the next phase this one is all about getting it out.


During the formatting phase, I typically proofread my content during this phase. Pull out quotes, headlines, and create bulleted lists.

Don’t get stuck in this phase thinking that you need pass after pass to proofread your content. Trying to make it perfect will only slow your progress and keep you from getting your posts out there. I know I try as hard as possible to catch all the issues that could come up including typos, grammar problems, and spelling errors. But it just isn’t possible.

Sometimes months later I go back and reread things and notice GLARING issues with my spelling or my grammar… and I think how did I miss this, even after multiple proofreading sessions. So I learned my lesson even if I have errors I have to let those go because I’m human. Mistakes happen and I just have to roll with it if I want to keep up my momentum.

How do you save time here? Don’t get stuck set a certain number of proofreading sessions and set up a template for yourself to follow during formatting that way you can quickly pull out the headers or quotations that you want to use.

Graphics Creation

We are visual beings. We are much more likely to slow down and read something if we are hooked in by a visual so 90% of the content you put out online needs to have a graphic associated with it. That includes social media updates, blog posts, Facebook group posts.

This can be an incredibly time-consuming part of content creation but there are some ways to cut down on the time it takes.

Make a list of the different graphics you will need. Do you need a blog post graphic? A daily topic graphic? A different graphic for each day’s Facebook post. Quote graphics that are on-brand for your business?

Next, create a template in your graphic software for each type of graphic you need. That way when you go in to create your graphics you need to change the image or the text and then you can save and move on quickly. Reuse, reuse, reuse! Your template will save you a bunch of time and help you keep from tweaking your designs every time you go to create a new graphic for your business.


This last phase, some may not think of this as part of the content creation but I do. Here is why. Scheduling your content is the “follow-through” part of content creation. Your content is only doing you well when you are putting it out there. It also takes the guessing game out of when different pieces of your content are getting posted.

Having it all laid out will help you save time in the long run by giving you a specific plan for posting. You can take it one step further and save yourself, even more, time by automating the process and having a tool post automatically for you that way you have to spend even less time tied to your computer or phone.

Putting it all together…

There are a lot of different steps to creating content everything from planning it out to schedule. And when you are first getting started it can take some time while you work out the most efficient way you work. But thinking through all the steps and doing what you can to work smarter not harder for content creation will save you a ton of time.

Now it’s your turn!

What time-saving tips are your favorite for creating content to use for your online business? Let me know in the comments!

Content Creation Basics for your online business. The entire process of creating content for your business from planning to posting!
Content Creation Basics for your online business. The entire process of creating content for your business from planning to posting!


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5 Reasons Solopreneurs Need to Hire Help

Being a soloprenuer and what that means for running an online business

It wasn’t until recently that I even thought about my status as a solopreneur and what that meant to me versus what it meant to other people. It wasn’t until someone started talking about the solopreneur mindset and what they thought that meant for hiring support that I really took a hard look at it. And to be honest I was kind of surprised.

Let’s take a look at my thoughts on being a solopreneur first. To me, it meant that I was empowered to start the entrepreneurship journey alone. I didn’t hold myself back waiting for someone to invest in my business dreams to start because I needed to hire a team. It meant to me that I was willing to get in there and learn the parts of running a business that I didn’t know before. And I never had plans to open an agency. I was going to stay a one-woman shop forever the only exceptions were bringing my husband on as my partner or hiring out contractors to help finish the work that I was either unable to do or it was outside of my zone.

When I sat down and thought about it I never really looked at solopreneurship as going it alone entirely. I always dreamed of hiring a VA once I figured out exactly what I needed them to do. Also, it was on my radar that if a project came across that I needed to put together a team of solopreneurs to complete for my client then I would totally do that.

Now let’s look at what I’ve come to find out other people think being a solopreneur means…

They want to do it alone

Solopreneurs aren’t willing to invest in support for their business because they feel like as a solopreneur they want to do it alone. They would rather invest in educating themselves than investing in help to gain more time.

Afraid to let go of control

I see this pop-up again and again. It’s an underlying reason why so many people want to be. They are afraid someone wouldn’t do it like them. “It’s my baby and I want to be in charge of every single part of it”.  But I have something I need to share with you. The other day I came across and amazing idea about letting go of control. When you hire someone to help you out and take over creating something or doing a task in your business give them the space they need to serve you. Most people want to do it right and if you give them the room to show you they can you will be surprised and so much more comfortable letting go of control.

Want to save money

Because you aren’t making “enough” to feel like you can hire for your business. Well, I’d like to challenge you to take a look at just how much you doing XYZ task is costing your business. Take social media for example, how long does it take you to schedule your social media? One hour a week? If you hired that out now you have a free hour to take on another client, read a new personal development book, create a new passive income product and your social media still gets scheduled. So to break it down…. an hour of a VA’s time could range anywhere from $10 – $40 an hour. Let’s you are charging say $80 per hour for your service. Take that new free hour and fill it with a client and make some more income for your business.

Solo means one woman show

This one has to totally do with mindset. Just because you use the word solo does not mean you have to do it alone. You can be solo in your business but hire out additional support for the areas you need extra help in. Maybe it’s a VA or a coach or a designer or even someone to clean your house. It’s all about taking tasks off your plate. And getting to focus on what you do best to serve your clients.

Yes you can run a business on your own many successful women do…but should you?

Even as a solopreneur there are a BUNCH of reasons to hire help here are a few of them

  • Accountability
  • Fresh perspective
  • You get to do more of what you LOVE less of what is dragging you down
  • Deep knowledge & talent outside of your zone of genius without having to spend years learning
  • Feedback & Insights

Ready for some additional support & an AMAZING community??

Passion Driven Solopreneurs Free Facebook Community

If you are a solopreneur and are ready to not go it alone come join me and other like-minded solopreneurs in the Passion Driven Solopreneurs Facebook Group! It’s free and you can get support on your visibility, website, branding, and content related questions as well as engage on daily topics & get access to free resources & Live videos that are exclusive for members of my group!

Being a soloprenuer and what that means for running an online business
Being a soloprenuer and what that means for running an online business