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Case Study: Kayla Brissi Brand Refresh

Written By: Michaela

Client Work Brand Refresh | small business owner | online business | branding | brand strategy

My client…

Kayla Brissi came to me to have her branding refreshed. She is a Life Navigator, Business Coach and Marketing Strategist for online entrepreneurs and small businesses. She had been in business for about 2 years and had been slowly working on developing her brand that whole time. She brought me in to help her develop her final branding elements and tie everything together.

Why she reached out…

Before reaching out to me to develop the final pieces of her branding Kayla had been building it all herself. Over the course of two years, she found the colors she loved, the style she wanted to evoke and had done some deep work on who her ideal client was.

But she was stuck and feeling like an imposter because her branding did not evoke the polished professional look that comes with a graphic designer walking you through the process. She had made several fundamental changes to her business, like adding in life coaching and marketing services, but had yet to take that into account with her branding.

She reached out to me because she was frustrated with the level at which she was operating and was ready to take everything to the next level and attract higher paying clients.

How I helped…

We talked about her goals, where she envisioned her business going, and how all these different pieces tied together in her services for her clients.

Her branding was off to a great start but she was in need of a brand refresh rather than a full rebranding. She really needed someone on the outside taking all the different pieces, she had developed and turned them into a solid, cohesive, professional brand for her online business.

Her online presence wasn’t ready to sell the high priced programs that she was gearing up to sell. We agreed to work on it together.

Client Work Brand Refresh | small business owner | online business | branding | brand strategy

The process…

“Michaela provided an up-leveling of my brand so that it’s cohesive (no longer a junior varsity level but Varsity!) and attracting the right clients with a more polished online presence”

We worked together over the course of a few weeks to design her logo, nail her Ideal Client Avatar or who she wanted to attract, how her messaging conveyed all the different elements of her service into a succinct elevator pitch, and how her branding transferred to her social media presence through branded graphics.

Her new logo brings in those elements that are 100% Kayla’s personality while remaining classy and professional. Her new logo & accompanying brand graphics do all the heavy lifting of positioning herself in the market, building brand recognition, and attracting those higher paying clients.

Client Work Brand Refresh | small business owner | online business | branding | brand strategy


“Michaela saved me time on trying to DIY graphics for social media. I’m creative but struggle in the creative design department. I didn’t want to be like everyone else and I wanted my brand to reflect that. Working with Michaela saved me time, stress and overwhelm!”

Kayla is excited to show off her polished professional brand and fully step into the expert that she is now that she has branding that exemplifies all that she is a professional. She is so excited that her brand refresh is in alignment with higher quality clients that understand the value of her work.

Are you my next dream client? Let’s get started!

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