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What Makes an effective Brand Strategy + 6 Tips

Effective Brand Strategy + 6 tips

Written By: Michaela

Effective Brand Strategy + 6 tips

It’s not enough to have a pretty logo. You need some real meat behind your brand to help it grow and flourish online.

Now when it comes to making an effective brand strategy for your business there are lots of components involved and lots of trial and error. Like most parts of running your online business, you try something and then evaluate so that you can make smart adjustments.

But there are 5 essential parts to creating an effective strategy for YOUR business. You can build on these and add in other strategies. But when you are ready to grow and attract more qualified clients to your business start here!

Clear Brand Definition

Having a crystal clear definition that you’ve written down and can reference will help you stay true to that vision. So go ahead and start writing down your ideas. I’ll wait, seriously. This step is really important.


Because having your brand definition written down helps bring it into reality. It helps make all those ideas floating in your head concrete. It will help you find the gaps in your branding.

Defining your market

For your Brand Strategy to be effective at all you have to have defined your market.

The people that you want to connect with and serve. Knowing them like the back of your hand will help you answer all those hard questions like…

Where do they hang out online?
What content should I create to help attract them to me?
Determine if people you get on the phone are a good fit for working with you.

You have to clearly define who you are trying to target or else everything you put out there will fall flat. You’ll be hearing crickets. And you won’t increase the leads to your business.

So if you are STILL saying, “but Michaela, I can help everybody with my business”.

I’m going to say no and that you need to define it. Whatever it is that you do there is a specific time, place, problem, person for it. It isn’t all people at all times. And defining when it is and who needs it is going to help you create content that gets noticed.

How you are different from everyone else

Want to stop the comparisonitis and competition? This is how you do it. When you leverage your unique qualities, experience, and processes your light shines brightly.

You no longer have to compete with all graphic designers because you’ve clearly illustrated that you are the graphic designer for game designers. Or whatever your business is.

Niching down may seem like it is going to cut you off from a lot of potential customers but the more defined you get with your differences the better your potential clients can connect their problems with your solutions and identify if you are the right person for them.

How you are going to grow your visibility

Your visibility strategy is always going to be changing. That’s a fact.

Have a clear idea of what strategies you are going to try and how they fit into your overall plan will come in handy when you are working on the last tip in this post.

There are a TON of different ways to grow your visibility, you can…

  • guest blog post
  • participate in collaborations
  • create a strong SEO strategy
  • optimize your Pinterest
  • participate in Facebook Groups
  • use targeted hashtags on Instagram
  • Test out different social media profiles
  • comment on other blogs in your industry
  • pitch to be on podcasts
  • create Live Videos on Facebook
  • grow a Facebook Group
  • engage with your audience

Now this list isn’t nearly an exhaustive list. And you don’t have to do everything on it to start growing your visibility.

You can start by picking one or two strategies that feel in alignment with your goals and test them out. Try the strategy for 90 days before making a final decision on if it works for you or not. And this 90-day rule will also help you stay consistent and not jumping from strategy to strategy.

Sometimes all it takes is a little time for a strategy to show results so be patient.

Be curious

Be constantly curious. How can you do it better? Different? Innovate ideas in your industry?

Being curious in life and for your brand is going to show you opportunities to grow that was not necessarily expected.

Review your strategy

I’ve said this before when it comes to goal setting as the first step in a solid strategy, which is true. But the last step of any good strategy is to review it.

Spend time evaluating how it performed and identify any areas that you need to tweak or adjust.

It truly is a moving target. When you are setting up your brand strategy make sure you’ve set measurable goals for everything you’d like to accomplish. One of the things I keep hearing from clients and colleagues alike is that they stop being consistent because they don’t see any results.

Well, when you are setting your measurable goals it becomes a lot clearer when you are starting to see results so you can keep on trucking.

Now it’s your turn!

What questions do you have about effective brand strategy for your online business?

If you want 1:1 support with setting up an effective brand strategy for your online business set up a free consultation with me to see how I can help you and if we would be a good fit!

Effective Brand Strategy + 6 tips for optimizing your branding
Effective Brand Strategy + 6 tips

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