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How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog Without Being Spammy

How We Increased Traffic In Only 2 Weeks

Written By: Michaela

How We Increased Traffic In Only 2 WeeksIt’s simple mathematics that to get more clients you need more people to be aware of your products and services.

And a big part of many visibility strategies is your blog.

Do you want to get as many eyes on your content as you can so how do you even begin driving traffic to your blog?

I used to think I was doing everything I could to get people to come to my blog. I was posting and sharing on social media and I had everything linked together BUT nothing was happening. I even did all the SEO stuff with Yoast and still nothing.

Then in November last year, I was asked to be a part of a giveaway which drove my traffic to 1,500 in December. And 1,100 in January… then things started to decline. I had this HUGE momentum built up but I was quickly losing it. It was time to take my website traffic seriously because it is a huge part of my funnel.

Here are 5 strategies that have helped me consistently increase my page views and get new eyes on my stuff.

Blog consistently

You probably knew this was coming so I thought I’d get it out of the way first. Blogging consistently, whether it is a few times a week or a few times a month, is so important to getting more eyes on your content. Why? Because you have fresh content to promote.

If you have 1 or two posts or post really infrequently your promotion strategy can start to feel a bit state. However, when you are creating new content to pull from you have fresh content to promote all the time and can rotate through your promotion strategy.

It also helps beef up your SEO to blog consistently. You are giving the algorithms more search term keywords that way.

Create a distribution plan for your blog posts

This is a big strategy for driving traffic. Know how you are going to promote your posts ahead of time. Making those decisions and keeping a checklist or running list of where you share your new blog posts and old blog posts will help keep you on top of it and less likely to forget one platform or another.

Having your distribution plan for your post will also help you save time by keeping you on track with sharing your content. You can quickly see where and when you need to schedule posts rather than trying to rack your brain every time you sit down.

Two main questions I ask myself for my plan are as follows:

  1. Where do I want to post new blog posts?
  2. How many times do I want to share my new blog post over a 30 day period?

Then I repeat these questions for older posts because recycling your content SAVES YOU TIME!

SEO & Pinterest

Set yourself up with a strong SEO & Pinterest. If you’ve got a WordPress website Yoast SEO is the way to go. I love it and would be lost without it.

And because Pinterest is a search engine, just a visual one, your SEO optimizations that you do for sites like Google and Yahoo will also help your Pinterest game. Make sure you have done your keyword research and don’t be afraid to get specific since search results are highly competitive.

Do what you have to do to set up your website and images to be SEO ready and then Pin your content to Pinterest. Don’t forget to add in the alt tag on your images when you upload them because this is what will be “pulled” when someone clicks the Pin it button on your site. They may change the description when they go to post it but more than likely they will leave it as is.

And don’t forget about Pinterest Group Boards for helping get your content in front of more people. If you have a small following on Pinterest this strategy is excellent for getting more eyes on your pins.

Collaborate with others

Collaborations have been HUGE for my traffic, see the story at the top of this post if you skipped over it! I also feel like collaborations not only help me grow my traffic but they also help me grow personally. So they are totally worth it.

Start by reaching out to bloggers to be a guest blogger for their site. And if you want to accept guest posts for your own blog do that as well. When you start networking and working with others you will be amazed at how quickly your efforts start to pay off and the friendships that come along with these collaborations are priceless.

When you look for collaborations or decide to create your own look for others who serve a similar audience in your industry and make sure that when you invite people to collaborate that it not only benefits you but benefits them as well. We are all busy and don’t have time to take on collaborations that aren’t going to provide us a mutual benefit so just be aware when you start to pitch someone.

Promote your blog posts in group Promo threads

The last strategy I have for growing your traffic is by posting your blog posts as a “promotion” in Facebook groups that have promo threads. This is where they have a specific post in the group that you comment on with your promotion.

I’m not really sure, because I haven’t done much market research on this yet, but it seems like promo threads don’t work for most people with their paid content. People want to get to know you a little bit before they are ready to buy. Which leaves you with a perfect opportunity for sharing a blog post in these threads. I’ve had great success driving traffic to my blog from these threads and then converting these readers to my email list which helps me nurture them and provide more value as potential clients better than just asking for a sale in a group promo thread.

Now it’s your turn!

Let me know in the comments which one of these strategies you are ready to try for your own blog? Or do you have a favorite traffic driving strategy let me know!

How We Increased Traffic In Only 2 Weeks
How We Increased Traffic In Only 2 Weeks

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  1. Claire - StartACraftBlog

    This is a great list! I’m glad that I stumbled upon your blog 🙂

    I’ve been participating in Facebook share threads but I think that I might actually want to try a different strategy for driving more quality, targeted traffic to my blog. Although I love your idea of converting people over to your mailing list. I discovered that I found better quality traffic by answering questions, engaging and saying “I’d be happy to share the post with you but I’m not a big fan of link dropping in comments, let me know and I will share it with you” then I drop the link. It feels less spammy to me at least!

    I launched my blog in April and I’ve been furiously documenting my strategies, testing and tweaking and testing again. Not sure what I’m doing with all this information yet but it’s something. :p

    • Michaela

      Thanks for reading! I think I wasn’t clear, I drop my link to a blog post on the promo threads, then if I have a relevant content upgrade I make that available as a part of the post. When I answer questions in groups I do like you said where you give value then let them know you have more info if interested. Way less spammy than just putting your links everywhere!


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