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5 Reasons Your Business is Not Getting Visible Online

Written By: Michaela

5 Reasons your business isn't visible online

Visibility is a big piece of being in an online business. If you aren’t getting visible online potential clients aren’t seeing you and therefore can’t possibly purchase your products or services. Getting noticed and getting noticed by the right people can make a huge impact for your business.

It can be hard to get up the confidence to put yourself out there and when you do you don’t want your efforts to fail. Even if you are putting stuff out there you probably aren’t getting as visible as you think you are.

What does your visibility strategy look like right now? What platforms are you posting to? How are you repurposing your content?

This number is all over the place on the internet but we spend between 8 and 18 hours a day consuming media. And every minute around 211 million pieces of content are being created…. that is a staggering amount. How on earth are you getting visible when this much content is whizzing by your potential clients?? You want your content to stand out, connect, and be memorable enough that people come back for more.

I used to think that posting on my blog weekly was enough to get me noticed online… I’d hit publish and sit back waiting to be found in search engines. #realtalk I was NEVER noticed. I was putting my stuff up online like I was supposed to. I was optimizing for SEO I was being consistent but not a single piece of it mattered because I wasn’t getting as visible as I thought I was in the online space…and when you think about the amount of content that is created in a single minute I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was.

Lurking is killing your visibility

If you don’t know what lurking is it is essentially being a member of a platform but not engaging. And if this is you, it’s ok but it is time to get out there and start engaging. Hanging out in a Facebook group all day or scrolling through the never ending Instagram feed isn’t going to help you.

You have got to start putting yourself out there. If you are worried that it has all been said before, I’ll let you in on a little secret. It has all been said and done before and inspiration is constantly flowing through everyone from what everyone else is doing. BUT it hasn’t been said or done by YOU before. You bring a different perspective to the table that no one else could possibly have. And someone is waiting for you to say the words they need to hear.

This doesn’t mean you need to go out right now and start posting like crazy or making up a ton of content. You can start small. Make it a goal to engage on X number of posts in a group each day, X number of Instagram posts and check in on X number of Instagram profiles you want to build a relationship with. You can even search in your favorite groups for questions that you have the ability to answer even from the past.

Start putting yourself out there a little at a time and keep pushing yourself it will get easier.

You’re feeling like promoting yourself is sleazy

I totally get this one! I even had a hard time just telling people what I did it was crazy. It felt weird talking to people about what services I could do and would end up changing the conversation…talk about self-sabotage. The first time I wrote a promotional post for my social media I rewrote it 10 times and still felt a little nauseous when putting it out there.

It’s really nice when people find you online and then they buy from you. That’s the ultimate win for online business owners. But often times that isn’t what reality looks like. I personally have had one client who had seven…SEVEN separate steps from finding out about me to becoming a paying client. So unless you are putting yourself and your services out there most people will never see them. If I hadn’t put it out there what I could do to help my clients through a promotion this client would have never hired me.

Just because we often equate sales with underhanded sales tactics does not mean that it has to be that way. You can promote in a way that is from the heart and provides value. One way to start promoting yourself by serving the community is by guest posting. You get in front of a new audience and share your expertise through a post that provides that community value. Now, these people all get to see your expertise, learn about what you do, and potentially reach out to you… not so scary now is it?

You’re talking at people not with them

Think about it like a conversation. You’re trying to start a conversation or continue one when you post new content. It shouldn’t be putting out content for content’s sake. Be genuinely interested in the engagement you get. Treat those social media accounts that you interact with on whatever platform like the real person they are and not just another tick on your social media accomplishment belt.

People want to hear from real people…

Ask questions
Keep track of comments/engagement and respond
Keep the conversation going

Discouraged by your past efforts

This one is a good one because I think at some point in time during our entrepreneurship journies we have all experienced this. You put in all your effort and do all the “right” things only to have the results be lackluster and disappointing. It can be so hard to keep that momentum going after feeling like you did everything you were supposed to do only to FAIL!

Let’s talk about that for a moment we put a lot of pressure on the word fail. But I actually kinda love it. I wish that I had been taught in school that failure wasn’t the end of the road but an opportunity to learn and grow. Anyway, the only failure that comes from failing is not being willing to try again. You’ve got to get out there and see what happens then evaluate and maybe try something new or make adjustments to what you have been doing… then again evaluate. It’s really a process of experimentation and evaluation.

So don’t be discouraged your strategy just may need a little adjusting.

You’re focused on consuming not creating

Consuming the content that is out there is a huge part of the process but at some point, you’ve got to stop consuming. You’ve got to start creating. I promise if this is the moment you decide to stop consuming and go create something my feelings won’t be hurt that you didn’t finish the blog post. I’ll be so excited that you are moving away from consuming and towards creating!

You don’t need another freebie, another webinar, another tip. It’s as simple as that the first step is to start creating content. Write a blog post then share it on social media. Turn your blog post into a Facebook Livestream and share it to Facebook groups (that allow that sort of thing…always read the rules).

There isn’t some big secret out there just waiting in the next freebie that will suddenly change everything for your online business. The magic is waiting within you.

Now your turn!

What was your biggest takeaway about not getting visible for your business? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Sarah Arrow

    Thanks for sharing Michaela, 7 steps for your client to find you. A lot of people don’t realise how short that actually is when someone is bombarded with up to 20,000 marketing messages a day. It’s absolutely time to stop lurking. Thanks for sharing these great tips

    • Michaela

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know I found that exercise interesting when I mapped it out. When I didn’t know better I thought it would be like 2 steps. They found me online and they hire. But very rarely is that what happens.

  2. Nefeli Craftricks

    Visibility is a difficult task. Thanks for the tips!! I will try it

    • Michaela

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Heather

    The consuming vs creating is one I am guilty of. Thanks for a great read!

    • Michaela

      You are welcome! It’s a hard season to transition out of when you are running online.

  4. Lisa

    Great tips! It’s is so important to put yourself out there, start building relationships and demonstrating your expertise.

    • Michaela

      Yes, it is! If your people don’t know about you then you will never be able to serve them if you don’t put yourself out there!


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