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What is A Brand?

Written By: Michaela

What Is A Brand? | Michaela Hoffman

I often hear people that they need a new brand. Then when you get to talking about it, you quickly find out that they just want a logo. A logo is definitely part of a brand but a brand is so much more. There are many components to a brand, the short answer is a brand is a feeling that your business evokes in your customers.

But the long answer is what I’m passionate about when it comes to branding.

Your brand is the moments, experiences and feelings that you want your clients to associate with your business. It is crafted deliberately and helps your business make decisions regarding how you run and communicate with your business.

There are two distinct parts to branding you’ve got the foundation and the experience.

The foundation of branding

The foundation of branding is where all the nitty gritty details are hashed out. It helps guide you later when you are working on the experience of your brand to help you stay consistent. This is the part of branding that I typically see DIYers overlook. And I get it the exciting parts of branding like picking colors and visual elements are way more fun than sitting down to figure out who your ideal client is and what they are struggling with. But this part is the most important of all because it guides everything else and keeps you from constantly playing the branding guessing game.

The branding experience

This is the part of branding that people interact with. Your brand visuals, your language, and your processes. This is where how your brand makes someone feel really comes across.

You’ve got a lot of decisions to make here including what your logo is going to be and the work you did during the foundation phase is going to help you through this process. Your branding experience is a balance between what you love, what resonates with your dream clients and how you want to come across online.

Why the entire branding process is important

When you’ve gone through the process of figuring out your brand words, the ones that describe the essence of your brand, you can use them as the building blocks for your logo, your paper materials, and your website.You can confidently guide the visual aspects of your business as well as the copy you use on your website and the emails you send out.

It’s consistency through these elements that brand your business or blog. Once you have your brand in place customers, social media followers, and ideal clients will be able to recognize the content you are putting on your social media channels (and this isn’t just because you are putting the same image on every post you make). This is done by using a brand your brand images, colors, fonts to make images and content that are aligned with your brand.

Having a solid brand that is unique to you will not only help you stand out from the crowd but attract your ideal clients and customers to your business or blog.

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Ok, let’s wrap it up. Think about Coke, for example, they know their brand in and out. All their commercials, advertisements, and even packaging revolve around the same consistent idea. They are all about finding happiness in a coke and then taking that happiness (Coke) and sharing it with friends or even using it to make new friends.

Do you feel like your brand isn’t in line with you and your business? Tired of switching up the design of your website, logo, or blog every couple of months? Don’t worry friend I’m here to help you!

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