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Why you should invest in brand and website design

Written By: Michaela

Invest in a Brand and Web Design |

Investing in a brand and web design for your blog or business is a long term strategy that will take your bIZ to the next level!

As a small business owner, it is often hard to see the value in purchasing time with a dedicated designer to create a brand and website for your business. I get it, it is a big investment costing potentially thousands of dollars.

There are alternatives, templates that are pre-made where you can just drop your text and they are cheaper, much cheaper. But they aren’t the way to go if you are trying to stand out and get clients or customers to notice you above the crowd.

If your thinking about buying that template for $5, think about how many other people have either thought about it or actually have bought it. Now you share your logo or website with potentially hundreds of other small businesses.

Getting a new Logo is not enough to take your biz or blog to the next level!

That’s exactly where a designer comes in and why you should invest in a brand and website design for your business. I can help you create a business and online presence that stands out and shouts your name from the rooftops! At the very beginning I like take time to listen to you and what your goals, hopes and dreams are. We then come up with a plan with a little bit of homework that will help guide and focus your vision.

You bring your vision of your business and I bring my expert knowledge and experience of branding, UX design, and client experiences. Now you have a uniquely you business identity for online and off that will help your customers and potential clients connect with you.

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