Alison Bow Painting & Decorating Business Cards

Business Cards | Michaela Hoffman Designer

Alison is a painter and decorator in need of some business cards and branding elements for handing out to potential clients as well as to brand her electronics. It was important for her that her branding and business cards the reflect a strong sense of color, pattern, and geometry she uses in her business. She wanted to be able to have 5 different designs that really showed off her style and strong use of color on her business cards.  I created these 5 patterns, iPad Background & iPhone background for her to use as additional branding material.

I love creating different patterns to be used for branding elements, I think that they really can give a nice POP to your materials and show off your personality to potential and past clients. As a painter and decorator being able to quickly show off your style is a really important part of introducing yourself to new clients. The fact that Alison now has 5 different business card designs to display is a fun little detail to her branding.

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