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The Aurora Public Library District’s Website Design and Development

Written By: Michaela

Aurora Public Library District Website Design & DevelopmentI am so excited to finally be able to reveal this project. For the last couple of months I’ve been working with the administrators of The Aurora Public Library District to give them a whole new website, one in which they are able to log into and update content when they want. So I outlined and developed the new website based on WordPress, this gave them a whole lot of new features that they could use or put into effect as they saw fit. One of these features was a built in blog prior to this a couple of other blogs existed but were hosted in different places and the links to them were hard to find. On the new site we organized the different blogs into categories and set up a system so that people could receive email updates from the topics that they are interested in.

Aurora Public Library District Website Design & Development

Aurora Public Library District Website Design & Development

Another feature I love about the new website is the aggregated blog posts on the front page. One element we wanted to carry over from the old site was the graphic information on the homepage. So we chose to pull in posts with their featured images so that the homepage always has some new content on it keeping it fresh for patrons and other website visitors. This feature also allows the staff to highlight events that are upcoming or inform patrons of resources that library offers.

Aurora Public Library District Website Design & Development

It was also really important for us to have the website be responisve and work well at all screen sizes. I used the Bootstrap framework to help with that, I like how it is very consistent across all platforms and really enjoy using it. The webiste is live and has gotten great responses in the first week. I’m looking forward to seeing where it will go!

Aurora Public Library District Website Design & Development

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