9 Reasons you should switch to WordPress for your service based business

light blue flowers held by brunette lady in a pink dress - 9 reasons you should switch to WordPress for your Service based business

I hear a lot of reasons why people think they shouldn’t or can’t switch to WordPress for their website.

A lot of them are based on what they’ve heard other Content Management Systems or website providers say about WordPress.

But today I want to focus on the things that make WordPress an excellent choice for your service-based business and I’m going to focus on the features of WordPress rather than opinion based reasons.

Because ultimately I want you to have a great well functioning website for your business, not one that limits you or ends up costing you more than if you just hired a developer in the first place.

So let’s dive into the reasons.

More choice

When you have a WordPress self-hosted site that means you have more choice. You can choose who your host is, you can choose what kind of features you have, you can choose your theme.

You can choose to spend as much or as little $$ on it as you want.

More control over your content, hosting, design

Just like you have more choices you have more control over your content.

Want to export everything so you have a backup of your entire blog? No problem.

Find that your host doesn’t have the kind of support you need? No problem. You also can choose hosting services that don’t charge you more for more pageviews once you start driving traffic to your site.

There are a TON of free WordPress themes fully designed paid for themes, custom developers, and the sky is the limit for making your design come to life. Your website can look/feel/function the way you want it to.

More features

Because of the way WordPress is built there is a wide range of features that you can add to your site through plugins. Again a lot of these are free plugins or low in price because of the open source nature of the platform.

That means that if you have an idea or want your website to do specific things there is more than likely a plugin out there that does it already and you don’t have to know code to make it work.

Room for growth

Another thing that WordPress does better than any other platform is that it is set up for growth. You aren’t limited in any way shape or form by what your website can do.

You can start out with a single landing page, then grow to have a blog, then find add in a membership site all in the same platform.

It’s great for your long-term planning especially if you know you want to implement different features down the road.

Easy to update your content

Because WordPress is a Content management site it is easy to update the content on it. You don’t have to go into the code and mess around with finding the <p> tag and adding different styling to it.

You can even get themes that are based on Drag & Drop builders like Visual Composer & Divi that let you move things around and make adjustments to your “static” pages quickly and easily.

Plus, don’t believe the hype that you can’t use WordPress (you don’t even need to know code. There may be a learning curve while you are figuring out the administration panel for your WordPress but that is like most things when you first start to learn them.

You really don’t need to dig around in the code, unless you really want to.

Set up for SEO from the start even before you use plugins to enhance your SEO

Now, this is one that is really cool. WordPress because of the way it is organized in the code your content is already optimized for Search Engines to crawl it.

That way as long as you are focusing on adding quality content consistently to your site you are already ahead of the SEO game.

And then you can take it further and get a tool to help you optimize even more.

Lots of Integrations with other services and software

This goes along with a couple of the topics above like more features and room for growth but here I want to talk about outside services that are already integrated with WordPress and the set up on these plugins is basically just connecting your account.

Like MailMunch. This plugin is a wonderful opt-in plugin that allows you to create pop-ups, top bars, blog post opt-ins, and landing pages directly in your admin panel. Then all you have to do is connect it with your email marketing provider and boom your opt-ins are adding people to your list. No exporting and importing it’s all automatic.

There are lots of integrations already out there this was just one example.

Active and thriving community for support

Now if you do run into a problem, have a question, or want to dig into the code. There is an active community ready to help you.

I hear a lot that WordPress doesn’t offer support. And while that is true, WordPress itself does not there is a huge community of designers, developers, forums, and websites dedicated to WordPress. You can find just about any answer you need with a few minutes of searching.


Post title - 9 reasons you should switch to WordPress for your Service based business
Pink flannel blanket - 9 reasons you should switch to WordPress for your Service based business
Post title - 9 reasons you should switch to WordPress for your Service based business
light blue flowers held by brunette lady in a pink dress - 9 reasons you should switch to WordPress for your Service based business

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