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5 Reasons Solopreneurs Need to Hire Help

Being a soloprenuer and what that means for running an online business

Written By: Michaela

Being a soloprenuer and what that means for running an online business

It wasn’t until recently that I even thought about my status as a solopreneur and what that meant to me versus what it meant to other people. It wasn’t until someone started talking about the solopreneur mindset and what they thought that meant for hiring support that I really took a hard look at it. And to be honest I was kind of surprised.

Let’s take a look at my thoughts on being a solopreneur first. To me, it meant that I was empowered to start the entrepreneurship journey alone. I didn’t hold myself back waiting for someone to invest in my business dreams to start because I needed to hire a team. It meant to me that I was willing to get in there and learn the parts of running a business that I didn’t know before. And I never had plans to open an agency. I was going to stay a one-woman shop forever the only exceptions were bringing my husband on as my partner or hiring out contractors to help finish the work that I was either unable to do or it was outside of my zone.

When I sat down and thought about it I never really looked at solopreneurship as going it alone entirely. I always dreamed of hiring a VA once I figured out exactly what I needed them to do. Also, it was on my radar that if a project came across that I needed to put together a team of solopreneurs to complete for my client then I would totally do that.

Now let’s look at what I’ve come to find out other people think being a solopreneur means…

They want to do it alone

Solopreneurs aren’t willing to invest in support for their business because they feel like as a solopreneur they want to do it alone. They would rather invest in educating themselves than investing in help to gain more time.

Afraid to let go of control

I see this pop-up again and again. It’s an underlying reason why so many people want to be. They are afraid someone wouldn’t do it like them. “It’s my baby and I want to be in charge of every single part of it”.  But I have something I need to share with you. The other day I came across and amazing idea about letting go of control. When you hire someone to help you out and take over creating something or doing a task in your business give them the space they need to serve you. Most people want to do it right and if you give them the room to show you they can you will be surprised and so much more comfortable letting go of control.

Want to save money

Because you aren’t making “enough” to feel like you can hire for your business. Well, I’d like to challenge you to take a look at just how much you doing XYZ task is costing your business. Take social media for example, how long does it take you to schedule your social media? One hour a week? If you hired that out now you have a free hour to take on another client, read a new personal development book, create a new passive income product and your social media still gets scheduled. So to break it down…. an hour of a VA’s time could range anywhere from $10 – $40 an hour. Let’s you are charging say $80 per hour for your service. Take that new free hour and fill it with a client and make some more income for your business.

Solo means one woman show

This one has to totally do with mindset. Just because you use the word solo does not mean you have to do it alone. You can be solo in your business but hire out additional support for the areas you need extra help in. Maybe it’s a VA or a coach or a designer or even someone to clean your house. It’s all about taking tasks off your plate. And getting to focus on what you do best to serve your clients.

Yes you can run a business on your own many successful women do…but should you?

Even as a solopreneur there are a BUNCH of reasons to hire help here are a few of them

  • Accountability
  • Fresh perspective
  • You get to do more of what you LOVE less of what is dragging you down
  • Deep knowledge & talent outside of your zone of genius without having to spend years learning
  • Feedback & Insights

Ready for some additional support & an AMAZING community??

Passion Driven Solopreneurs Free Facebook Community

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Being a soloprenuer and what that means for running an online business
Being a soloprenuer and what that means for running an online business

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