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Why you need branding for your online business success

Why branding is important for standing out online

Written By: Michaela

Why branding is important for standing out online

Do you know what branding means?

You might have an idea but I’m willing to bet there are some areas you aren’t clear on. I come across a lot of online entrepreneurs who either have misunderstood what it is in the past of haven’t ever understood it and are putting off understanding for another day.

Branding your business doesn’t have to be a mystery, in fact, it is a concept that we are all familiar with even if we don’t realize it.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever come across a pink Cadillac? What is your first thought? It is most likely that the car belongs to a Mary Kay rep.

That is the essence of branding. Branding aims to build recognition by using visual cues, written language, and experience. I know a lot of people get hung up on the word branding but in reality, it is very simple and helps people recognize your marketing, social media content, and business online.

Your business gets branded whether you actively decide to develop it or not.

Branding Includes

Branding is not only your logo but all the visual elements associated with your business, the content you create, and the experience your users/customers have when interacting with your business.

And deciding to take the steps to develop a unique brand is an important step for building your know, like and trust factor online. Here are some more parts of branding that you may not have thought about

  • Social Media Graphics & Captions
  • Client Experience
  • Website Copy
  • User Experience on your website
  • Social Media Bios
  • Your Story
  • Your Blog Posts

What Branding Can Do For Your Business

Are you struggling with positioning yourself online? Or Suffering from inconsistencies on social media & blog posting? Stressing out about your posts on social media channels? Struggling to stand out and get noticed?

Positioning yourself, standing out, and creating consistently are all important ways branding can help you get noticed online.

Branding is a guide for your business. It takes the guess work out of creating graphics, writing content, and staying on top of all the content that you need to create to grow recognition online.

When you have worked through all the questions that lead you to a solid branding foundation for your business you also create some pretty powerful documents to use behind the scenes.

You will end up with an in-depth look into your reasoning behind starting a business, who you serve in your business, and what your mission is. Use these documents to remind yourself when you are having a bad day of why you are doing this in the first place. The document will also help you set your goals, create content for your business, and create services or products that your clients are excited to buy from you!

How Branding Saves You Time

Does sitting down to create your graphics from scratch sound familiar? How much time does it take you find fonts, pick colors, and other elements to create your graphic? 10, 15, 20 minutes? Longer?

Your branding is a template that already tells you which fonts/colors/elements to use for your graphics. You no longer have to sit down and create graphics or writing completely from scratch you use your branding as a guide.

You can DIY your branding but consider how much time you are wasting trying to figure it out for yourself. Hiring a brand designer to help you create a brand for your business will you a lot of time. When you hire out you can spend your time working on your client projects. Your brand designer will also know the questions to ask that dig deep and uncover important pieces for your branding that you may not realize on your own.

The biggest time saver that comes from hiring a designer to create your brand comes from not having to redo your branding every couple of months.

Designers help you create a unique to you brand that fits with your personality. You will no longer feel like you are constantly tweaking and changing different elements and trying to get that cohesive brand for your business.

Now it’s your turn!

Let me know in the comments what your business branding questions are?

If you aren’t sure where you are in the process of branding your business, I’ve got a free resource that can help!

Get access to my Brand Checkup Kit in the Resource Library and determine where you are and where you can improve! Get access to the FREE resources with the form below!

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Why branding is important for standing out online
Why branding is important for standing out online

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  1. Lisa

    I like the list of what branding includes. In particular, the client experience. So many people focus on their website and social media to the detriment of the client experience. All of the elements are critical, but there’s no substitute for an incredible client experience. A delighted clients is your strongest branding tool!


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