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Auto Oracle: IOS, Android, & Web Design

Written By: Michaela

The Auto Oracle Website

Gunnar and I have been working together on a freelance project for a company called Auto Oracle. It is a mobile app that allows subscribers to ask for advice on car repairs and issues. Users can also manage their accounts through the website. The website and apps are currently in testing and will launch soon!

The Auto Oracle Website Full Front PageHere is the full front page, we decided to go with a longer front page for this project because all the information here is very similar and this allowed us to organize it in a flow rather than chop it up into little sections for different pages. Below you will find some screen shots of the app.


For the app designs we chose to incorporate the images that users upload of their car as backgrounds in different sections around the app. We hoped this would help personalize the app for subscribers as well as surprise them when they recognized their own images infused in the app design.

Auto Oracle Android Mobile Application Auto Oracle Android Mobile Application


Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 8.14.05 AM

Another component of this project was the email templates for new users, when questions were asked and when questions were answered.

I really enjoyed working on this project closely with the developer, we were able to diagnose problems quickly and seamlessly deliver to the clients at each stage of design and development. We were also able to come up with unique solutions because we were working together as a unit.

Technologies: Illustrator, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, SourceTree


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