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My Web Design & Development Process

Written By: Michaela

My Web Design & Development Process |

Hey friends! I want to share with you a peek into my process. Web design and development can be a mystifying process but I want to shed some light on my process for you.

Info Gathering

I like to spend a bit of time at the beginning getting to know my clients, asking them about themselves personally and about their business. I then move into asking questions about their goals for the project that they want to work together on. I want to see if we are a good fit personally as well as for their project. I give out some client homework for you to complete which will help you focus your ideas and get me ready for your projects. Then we move to the next phase.

Project Planning & Mockups

At this point I’ll take the information you’ve given me in the homework and start formulating a plan. I’ll take a look at the inspiration you’ve provided and create a mood board based around the overarching themes. I’ll even start to create some mock-ups for you to take a look at. Once you provide feedback and we make tweaks we get to move into the development phase.

Development Phase

During the development phase I take your approved designs and get to work making them functioning websites. I do custom work so this is where the bulk of time will be spent on your project. We then go through some more rounds of feedback and tweaks. Then we prepare for launch.

Preparing for Launch

We will sit down and come up with a launch schedule. Then I’ll help you by making some graphics for you to share on social media. We will put together a calendar of when the different posts will be live and get to work.


Launch day is so exciting!! I’ll spend some time the night before getting the site last minute ready and moving the files so that it is up and waiting for you in the morning. We spread the word with some final social media posts and you sit back and enjoy your new website!

The path to launch isn’t an easy one it takes time to put together a beautiful, functional site that is in line with your branding but the process is so worth it. I do my best to keep you in the loop on my progress at every stage and will be there with you to discuss the different options at every stage or new feature idea.

While every project is different and each timeline is tweaked a little this is typically how web design & development process goes.

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