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How to understand the numbers when you hate graphs

What’s included??

✨ How to get google analytics installed on your WordPress or Squarespace site.
✨ My top reports to look at and uncover out what is working, what isn’t working, and what to actually focus on while creating and evaluating your digital strategy.
✨ How to uncover the problem places on your site

Also how to…

✨ Figure out where people are coming to your site (see if you social media strategy needs tweaking)
✨ Figure out how people are moving through your site (see if your navigation is clear and easy to use)
✨ How people are viewing your site (uncover problems with mobile or desktop browsers)
✨ Compare your current reports with historical data to uncover trends (and how to capitalize on those trends)
✨ How to find out what content is on fire & repurpose it to drive even more traffic your way

And mos
t importantly …

✨ How to take everything you learn to create a website strategy to grow your online presence for your business.

I get it, Analytics are not fun, they aren’t easy to interpret, & you probably have a million other tasks on your list making it easy to put off learning about your analytics for another day. 

It truly has helped me tremendously in my business!

I found it to be extremely useful in removing the overwhelm that comes with Google Analytics. Before the crash course, I resisted learning about Google Analytics because it got to be too much. I was thrilled when I was able to invest in a course that would teach me the basics without me having to do the heavy lifting. It was straightforward, easy to follow and full of value. I love that I can "spy" on my traffic to see where they go on my site, what they're interested in, and where they came from.

Kayla Brissi, Success Strategist


Kayla Brissi, Success Strategist

During the course of working with website design and development for last 5 years. I wanted a better way to make website design decisions than try it and see what sticks. I’m not a numbers girl but I hate wasting time wondering if the effort I’m putting in is worth it. I’m busy over here trying to build an empire. I don’t have time for that, right?
So I started diving into the world of Google Analytics and seeing what information I could get to create a strategy for my website changes. Then I would go back and evaluate what effect the changes made.
I started seeing other small business owners struggling with not knowing if their changes were working or even using analytics at all for their digital strategy. And not understanding how to create actionable steps from their data they did look at before just walking away.
So I created this crash course to guide you in learning about your analytics.

So stop the endless cycle of …

  • Putting off looking at your analytics
  • Endlessly tweaking your website and never knowing if your effort is working
  • Not knowing if your target audience is even visiting your site
  • Not knowing what content is popular to build on that momentum
You are probably thinking you could find all this information floating around online. And you probably could but I’ve put this together so it is all in one place saving you precious time hunting around for the information while sifting through the irrelevant pieces. This crash course also includes the exact strategies I use to plan my website changes, create & repurpose content, and evaluate the results.

What are you waiting for? Finally, understand your analytics!

It was a good investment!

I was able to easily add analytics to my site and start interpreting the results almost immediately. It was easy to follow along between the Google analytics and the workbook.


HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE NUMBERS FOR YOUR CREATIVE ONLINE BUSINESS WHEN YOU HATE GRAPHS This crash course is for you if: you’ve been putting off your review of your analytics forever, you have only ever looked at the number of page views you get a month, you don’t know how to use this information to grow, you don’t have time to search the internet trying to figure it out, you just want to know what to look at and what you don’t have to, you simply get overwhelmed when you log in and try to figure out what you are looking at

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