Simplify your social media content by creating a content bank.

  • Know that you’ve got content to pull from
  • Spend less time on your content
  • Simplify your content organization
  • Fill gaps in your content schedule




When you operate an online business you are constantly creating new content to post on your social media. It can be exhausting and draining leaving you without anything to post and no ideas for new content.
Create a content bank and know that you have content to pull from, spend less time on your content, and simply your content strategy.
In the Content Bank Planner, I show you EXACTLY how to create a content bank for your business. I’ll show you how to organize and store your content so you have a bank of content to pull from on the days when you just don’t have the inspiration to create something new.
What’s included? 
  1. pdf download
  2. different types of content you can create
  3. different formats to create variety with your content
  4. tools and systems for your content bank
  5. how to store your content
  6. instantly boost your content bank
Who it’s for / who it isn’t for 
The Content Bank Planner is for you if you
  • have no idea how to start a content bank
  • want to create more diverse content
  • have no systems in place for storing your content
  • want to simplify your day and get time back
  • are struggling with what to “fill in” the gaps in your social media
Having content ready to go for your business frees up your time to get to more important tasks in your day. Never struggle with being active on social media again. My ladies come to me with no idea where to start putting together a library of content that they can repurpose over and over again, they feel like they can’t ever get ahead of their social media because they are always creating. But it doesn’t have to be that way when you have an organized system for your content. Create when you want but most importantly repurpose when you need to.
 All purchases of this product are final and non-refundable.
Struggle with consistent content creation?  — In my Content Bank Planner, I teach you exactly how to create a content library for your business. And best of all I show you how to get an instant boost of content in your library without even having to write a single new word!  —  I walk you through how I store and organize my content so that it is easy to pull from on days when you have a gap in your social media content or just have NO idea what to post! Never struggle with being active on social media again.

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