You know to grow your business you need to build relationships online, but you don’t know how to how to get started…AND you don’t want to feel icky and spammy!! 


 I found it hard to get started with builidng relationships online.  


What does that mean? 


✨ What am I supposed to do? 


✨ How do I do this so it feels good to me? 


So through some trial and error, I created a daily guide for myself to make sure I was building relationships ocnsistently & in a way that felt good to me. 


This was important to be because I WANTED to feel good & build REAL realtionships with people online. 


What happens when you have a guide for relationship building? 


💖 You stay on top of all the different tasks you have to do to stay consistent 


💖 You spend time on ACTIONS that make an impact for you and your business 


💖 You know...exactly how many people you've reached out to in a week, how many coffee chats, how many relationships converted to clients... woah!  


I'm now able to spend around 10 minutes a day walking through these 9 steps to stay on top of my relationship building tasks & genuinely ocnnect with new leads daily. 


It's one of my secrets for bringing new clients into my business each month without all the stress and hustle!
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